Fantom Insights Vol.3

Development Progress

There’s been a lot of progress in the past week, as we are progressing fast with the development of the Dapp to run on the testnet. The designs have been completed, wallet functionality has been implemented, and the screens are currently being built. The Dapp is scheduled to be published on both iOS and Android app stores in September.

We have a new gossip implementation that could reduce gossip time to O√(log n). It is still in the process of being tested at the moment but we’re already seeing some promising results across the whole infrastructure stack, with our build-server performing cross-compilation of binaries within Docker containers, and our upcoming public CI/CD pipeline. We are also building a series of RPC services that will allow applications to ping the testnet for a variety of data, such as event blocks and accounts.

In addition, we’ve been busy stress testing for the analysis on comparative TPS stats as we are aiming to launch our DAG explorer, desktop wallets, as well as a graph visualizer.

Last but not least, we’ll be releasing the very first screens of the Fantom payment App within the next few days, which will be demonstrated across Korean restaurants and food-related industries. As you can see, we have a very busy, but exciting, week upon of us!

Welcome to the Team!

Fantom would like to send out a warm welcome to a new addition to our team!

Stephane Vincent: Stephane was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Utah and is currently a cryptography and blockchain researcher at nChain. He is the co-author of a paper titled “NECTAR: Non-Interactive Smart Contract Protocol using Blockchain Technology”, which describes the implementation of new techniques for smart contract execution, improving their performance and usability. Stephane is also a blockchain consultant to the European Union Commission. At Fantom, Stephane will be leading our verified computing initiative.


Fantom will continue to hire talented blockchain and virtual machine researchers and developers. If you are interested, please email

Technical Q&As

“How will Fantom take care of on chain data storage?” has been answered in the following Medium post:

Thank you for submitting your Technical Questions over the past few weeks. Please continue to submit your questions via our Official Telegram Group. Our community managers will be there to hear you out.

Official Fantom Telegram:

Global Ambassador Program

We’ve been accepting applications for our Global Ambassador Program for the last two weeks and we were surprised about the passion our community members have for us. We will release some significant updates on the Global Ambassador Program this week so please keep on the lookout for our official announcements.

Global Community

As you all know, we are always on the move to find new ways to reach our community members who are located in different regions around the world.

This past week, we’ve opened up our Official Weibo Account for our Chinese community (Fantom Weibo: Please follow us!

In addition, we will be releasing a Chinese version of our whitepaper within the next few days. Please remember to join our Official Telegram Announcements Channel to receive our announcements.

Fantom Announcements:

Until next week!