Fantom Insights Vol.4

Exciting new updates for the week of August 20 to August 26.

Website Renewal

We are super excited to announce our new look, with the release of Fantom’s new website at:

Fantom released a fully-redesigned website, where visitors can see the progress being made through acquiring additional partnerships, building out the team, and the technical progress being made. Going forward, the website will contain the latest news, as well as links to all technical resources and upcoming events Fantom will be attending.

Development Progress

A lot of progress is being made on the testnet, wallets, explorers, and the mobile application to run on top of the testnet.

We have started to build out the functionality of the testnet explorer. The explorer displays details on the testing currently being conducted across four nodes, with details on time to finality, the number of event blocks being generated, and a graphical visualisation of the nodes, events blocks, and Clotho and Atropos selection. In addition, Fantom has a graphql explorer for the underlying data:

As we continue to build the underlying technology, we are also in the process of designing a more visually appealing explorer, using the Fantom style guide. A few of the screens developed can be found here. In addition, screens are being developed for the desktop wallets, available on Mac, Linux, and Windows for the transfer of native FTM tokens, to be first connected to the testnet, and then the mainnet. We will share the feature set and designs as they are developed.

Furthermore, we have successfully developed a simple payments-based application written in React Native that will be run on the testnet in September. It will be available on the App store and Google Play. The screens are available here.

On top of all the above progress Fantom is making, we have been busy setting up the full infrastructure for the testnet using Docker, Terraform and Apache Mesos. During the week, we have accomplished the following:

  1. Upgrading testnet dependencies and modifying the code to match, as well as modifying the code to meet Go standards.
  2. Upgrading the EVM, that will be temporarily run on the testnet (until the register-based Virtual Machine is ready), all its dependencies and modifying the code to match, as well as modifying the code to meet Go standards, and developing new Docker creation and cross-compilation scripts.
  3. Development of automated deployment — configuration management — for bootstrapping node(s) with Taiga (project management).
  4. Development of automated deployment — configuration management — for bootstrapping node(s) with Go, Docker and GitLab.
  5. Major PR to GopherCI (CI/CD).
  6. Major PR to Abstruse (CI/CD).
  7. Development of automated deployment — configuration management — for bootstrapping node(s) with Go, Docker and GopherCI (CI/CD)

Upcoming Developments

For the coming week, Fantom intends on accomplishing the following:

  • Continued development of the testnet to increase performance.
  • Deploy 1000 [cloud] compute nodes, run performance benchmarking, tests, security analyses, upload logs, then deprovision, with both containers and processes.
  • Expand CI/CD to match the above.
  • Ensure Taiga — and other internal components — all support GItHub authentication, preferably with 2FA support also.
  • Integrate the Mobile application to the existing testnet.
  • Fully complete the designs for both the desktop wallets and online explorer, and begin development of both.

Technical Q&As

“How will you prevent attacks?” has been answered in the following Medium post:

Thank you for submitting your Technical Questions over the past few weeks. Please continue to submit your questions via our Official Telegram Group. Our community managers will be there to hear you out.

Official Fantom Telegram:

Global Ambassador Program

We are very excited to share updates on our Global Ambassador Program initiatives. We have been overwhelmed with applications and we can’t thank you enough for the excitement and the support. We are beginning the process of talking to those who we believe will be great representatives of the project. We will share more updates in the coming weeks.

Thank you for supporting us. We know this is a big vision, and we appreciate your involvement as we work to bring the power of the blockchain to the common user. Please visit us on Medium, claps are always appreciated!