Fantom Insights Vol.5

Progress report for the week of August 27 to September 2.

Welcome to our Team!

Fantom would like to welcome Andre Cronje as our Technical Advisor. Andre is a well-known figure in the crypto-space with over 20 years of development experience. Andre is very active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, having been a Chief Crypto Code Reviewer at Crypto Briefing, Technology Analyst at Lemniscap Capital, Blockchain Protocol Advisor at BitDiem, and the Head of Technology at Freedom. He will be assisting Fantom in the development of the Opera Core Layer. We are ecstatic to have Andre onboard as one of our key technical advisors. Welcome!


Development Progress

Once again, we have made solid development progress.

Fantom’s first application, a mobile payments app, is complete, which will allow people to perform payments between individuals, and between stores and customers themselves. The mobile application will be available on the App Store and Google Play in due course. Currently, the app runs on top of the Ropsten testnet, but will be integrated into our own testnet. Consequently, we are on track to run the testnet application in-stores in the near future.

Moreover, we have completed the initial designs for both the desktop wallet application and the network explorer, which will be a web application with a Restful API service. Both are currently under development, and will be connected to the testnet.

On the Opera Core development, we have achieved the following:

  1. Built image-less Docker containers (0 bytes), got it working with cross compiled code bases.
  2. Upgraded everything to Go 1.11, including sending a PR to go-ethereum.
  3. Begun integrating support for a library that enabled 159 different authentication integrations (including the various GitHub ones, Amazon & more).
  4. Reverse engineered configuration management scheme to setup a development environment for Taiga development on macOS.
  5. Packaged evm into OS-specific packages (rpm and deb) + ensured this process is automated.

On the research side, we have been exploring a number of exciting areas. We have continued our study into user-defined signatures, and how they can be integrated into the Fantom ecosystem. We have begun our research into zero-knowledge proofs, have completed a draft paper on pairing-based cryptography. We will be reviewing several drafts before we publicize it.


Fantom team members will be attending the following events. Make sure to join our Official Telegram channel to get in touch if you want to meet with us!

Sept 10–13: Shanghai Blockchain Summit
Sept 12: Seminar for the Open Blockchain Industry Association of Korea
Sept 13–14: Token Fest in Boston
Sept 19–20: Consensus Singapore
Sept 27: Fantom Meetup in Seoul

Technical Q&A

One of the questions we’ve received from our community, “How are Atropos and Clotho nodes elected?” has been answered in the following Medium article:

Thank you for submitting your Technical Questions over the past few weeks. Please continue to submit your questions via our Official Telegram Group. Our community managers will be there to hear you out.

Official Fantom Telegram:

Until next week!