Fantom Insights Vol.6

Progress Report for the week of September 3rd to September 9th.

Welcome to our Team!

Fantom would like to welcome Samuel Marks and his team as part of our team. Samuel has recently completed his PhD in Medicine at the University of Sydney where he focused on facilitating large-scale screening programmes through: Artificial Intelligence; biomedical engineering, eLearning and epidemiology. He expects to screen most of the world’s population in the next 5 years. To facilitate this — self-funded, patentless and open-source — endeavour, he runs an infrastructure and research focused software-engineering consultancy called


This week, Fantom interviewed over 20 software engineering candidates. Fantom will continue to hire talented blockchain and virtual machine researchers and developers. If you are interested, please email

Development Progress

This week, Fantom has accomplished the following:

  1. Wrote environment bootstrap project in Go, enabling keys for a thousand nodes to be generated in 2.044s.
  2. Wrote simple applications in C, statically linked, for adding to `FROM scratch` Docker containers. Bringing the overhead from [alpine] 5MB down to 213.5KB.
  3. Investigated alternative blockchain implementation languages, in particular, Rust.
  4. Begun writing a technical paper in CCK.
  5. Extended CLI utilities, refactored C++ into C, expanded their functionality
  6. Desktop wallet: Create wallet functionality is done, which includes QR code generation, mnemonic, and print functionality,along with redux integration and routing.
  7. Testnet explorer: Node setup, redux integration, routing integration, login and sign up email verification and api key generation.

This week, Fantom is aiming to complete the following:

  1. Running testnet across 1000 nodes.
  2. Implementing the testnet in Go + Docker.
  3. Alpha version of the Desktop wallet application
  4. Screens for the testnet explorer.

Crypto Bazar 6-month Hackathon

Fantom will be participating in a 6-month Hackathon with Crypto Bazar! More details will be released this week via our official Medium!


Fantom team members will be attending the following events. Make sure to join our Official Telegram channel to get in touch if you want to meet with us!

Sept 10–13: Shanghai Blockchain Summit
Sept 12: Seminar for the Open Blockchain Industry Association of Korea
Sept 13–14: Token Fest in Boston
Sept 15–16: Crypto Dialogue in Vietnam (Come visit our booth!)
Sept 19–20: Consensus Singapore (Come visit our booth!)
Sept 20: Sydney C++ Meetup: Go containing with C in C++, Docker, Moby
Sept 27: Fantom Meetup in Seoul

Until next week!