Fantom Insights Vol.7

Progress report for the week of September 10 to 16.

Technical Research

Fantom is proud to announce that the first version of our technical paper is ready for release! This has been a long time coming, after many iterations and improvements over time. The technical paper covers the main ideas and features of the testnet and Opera Core development. It covers in detail the operation of the Lachesis Consensus Algorithm, including the following:

  • Root selection algorithm via a binary flag table
  • K peers selection via the cost function
  • Faster consensus selection via k peer broadcasts
  • Data pruning via root creation
  • Event block creation
  • Topological ordering of events using Lamport timestamps
  • Clotho and Atropos selection

For future technical paper releases, Fantom aims to address the following:

  • CCK implementation
  • Event block no-ack broadcast and subsequent changes to flag table knowledge / cost function knowledge.
  • Flag Table Cost Function for root creation
  • State pruning with state signing of root sets (i.e truncating old events)
  • Expand on main-chain block structure and topological ordering

Development Updates

In addition to the technical paper, Fantom has made some exciting developmental progress. The Desktop wallet is almost complete, integrated with the testnet, and is undergoing some internal testing before being released on our public Github repo. The ui screens and database for the testnet is also progressing well, and should be ready for testing by the end of the week.

On the development side, we have achieved the following

  1. Preparing to write a libcontainer C++ wrapper.
  2. Incorporated small C/C++ utilities into our Docker image, enabling an over of 10s of KBs per image.
  3. Wrote scripts that enables the deployment of theoretically an infinite number of nodes to run on the testnet.

Results of the testnet have been positive so far, with sub-second finality. The testnet will incorporate many of the changes we’ve discovered when writing the technical paper. Fantom is aiming to launch a testnet, initially across 1000 nodes, with an interactive explorer and desktop wallet in due course.

Our first real use-case application, Fantom Pay, is currently being integrated with Siksin, our food technology partner, and Pos Bank, to be used in many stores across Korea. Initially a centralised solution, it will also be experimented on with our testnet, and will eventually be used on top of our mainnet.

Fantom will continue to hire talented blockchain and virtual machine researchers and developers. If you are interested, please email

Upcoming Events

Fantom team members will be attending the following events. Make sure to join our Official Telegram channel to get in touch if you want to meet with us!

Sept 19–20: Consensus Singapore (Come visit us at our booth!)

Sept 20: Sydney C++ Meetup: Go containing with C in C++, Docker, Moby

Sept 27: Fantom Meetup in Seoul

Oct 23: Spark Festival, Sydney

Oct 23: Blockchain Professionals Meetup, Sydney

Oct 25: Fantom Meetup, NEM Blockchain Hub, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Fantom in the Media

Fantom Foundation is a vice-chairman of board in the OBCIA (Open Blockchain Industry Association) which includes The Loop, MediBloc, Microsoft, IBM, Block O, Glosfer, and ETRI as well as South Korean conglomeates Shinhan Bank, SK Telecom, LG U+, KEB Hana Bank and Kakao.

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