Fantom Insights Vol.9

Progress from the week of Sep 24 to Oct 1!

Magical September — and more to come in October!

An amazing month has passed for Fantom. We participated in five domestic and international events, giving speeches in three of them. We met numerous projects to collaborate and create synergy effects in different areas of businesses. We had new members joining the team to help out marketing as well as development team. We started a six-month hackathon. More than anything else, we hosted the first of our regular meetups. Embrace yourself for this week’s share of exciting news with Fantom Insights.

Fantom Hangout

Last week on 27 September, Fantom hosted the first of our regular meetups, dubbed “Fantom Hangout” in Seoul. Reviews with more detail will come shortly, but here are few pictures.

The First Fantom Hangout, especially through livestreaming, generated community-wide attention. Even the most skeptical ones agreed that Fantom is developing a disruptive, groundbreaking, and applicable technology that everyone can use in real-life.

CEO Dr. Ahn Byung Ik gave some structural description on Opera Chain, briefly explaining Lachesis Consensus Algorithm that maintains a faster and more efficient consensus. He also explained Fantom Pay, Fantom Alliance, Fantom VC and future dApp projects on top of Fantom. His expertise in the development of Fantom gave trust and reassurance among even the most conservative members among the audiences.

Chief Director Sang-min Lee of POSBANK, Fantom’s new advisor, explained the role POSBANK is going to play in partnership with Fantom. POSBANK is the current market leader in Korea, its operations reaching over 80 countries worldwide. Linking POSBANK with Fantom Pay, Chief Director Lee argued for the value of a “real-life” cryptocurrency and how Fantom is moving closer to the goal.

The most dynamic part was the demonstration of Fantom Pay through the QR code scanning. Fantom Technical Advisor Andre Cronje demonstrated on-site how quickly “finality” of the transaction was achieved, and how easy this is even in the normal retail store. Throughout the intuitive presentation and QnA session he expressed his confidence in the technology, and his eagerness in making sure the users get a better experience through Fantom, not just a better technology.

Fantom Hangout received wide acclaim, with more than 150 people participating. The community was once again vibrant with active participation from its members. Fantom team will make Fantom Hangout a regular event — we ask for your continued support and enthusiasm.

In response to the worldwide request, we decided to broadcast this live through YouTube Livestream, which can be found here:

Summary of this event can be found here:

Welcome to our Team!

Fantom recently had a lot of new members joining, not only from the development team but also in marketing team as well. What’s more, we are in the lookout for more talents! The new office we moved into right after hosting Fantom Hangout still has a lot of room. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us through

Fantom welcomes these new talents in joining our team — We’re sure they would appreciate your welcome coming from the community as well!

Roan Brand — Golang Engineer

Roan is a “Developer by day. Electronic Engineer at night.” Even before he graduated from University of Stellenbosch, he started working as an Embedded System Developer at F&B Electrical. Through working as an Intermediate Software Developer at IMQS Software from 2015, he is going to contribute immensely as a Golang Engineer for Fantom.

Brian Acton — Golang Engineer

Brian is an experienced developer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He has over twenty years of career ranging from COBOL programming, Consulting and Solutions Analyst, to Senior Developer. He is skilled in Business Process, Operations Management, Analytical Skills, Databases, and Team Building, equipped with a strong engineering professionality. He has been a Senior Developer at InTarget Mobile Advertising before joining the team.

M______ C___

We’ve been introducing a lot of developers — that does not mean that other teams were lazy in acquiring new talents! Marketing team has recently had the rare chance to start working with one of the world’s best marketers. And if you were bored with names you don’t know, this name will definitely wake you up, because if you are a member of Fantom community, you cannot miss out this name. We are very excited to have him onboard, and I hope it doesn’t take long for you to figure out who this is! If you are not sure, be sure to join our Official Telegram Community! :)

Past Events

Open Blockchain Industry Association Autumn Seminar, Seoul (12 Sep):

Fantom CEO Dr. Ahn Byung Ik was invited as a panel to give his insights on how Korean government can set policies to assist the development of blockchain industry in Korea.

Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets Dialogue, Hanoi (15–16 Sep):

Fantom CMO Jake Choi announced for the first time Fantom Pay, a joint effort with POSBANK to bring cryptocurrency to a real life. Also, Fantom team ran a booth to spread Fantom to Vietnamese cryptocurrency community, a newly emerging key area of Asia.

Consensus: Singapore (18–20 Sep):

Entire Fantom Marketing Team mobilized to run booth, engage with the global crypto community, as well as organizing events such as the Blockchain Pioneer’s Summit in which our COO Joseph Jang participated as a panel to address the issue of public blockchain scalability.

Development Updates

Finally, as announced earlier through Fantom’s community channels, this week Fantom’s Technical Paper explaining in detail how the Lachesis Consensus Algorithm functions was released. A better news: it was recognized by the researchers worldwide as soon as it was released! We will put on further announcements regarding this matter.

Other exciting news includes:

1. Extended CLI utilities (in C)

2. Extended CLI utilities (in Bash)

3. Begun implementing a lachesis test command (in Go)

4. Achieved Docker Image size for lachesis of 4.1MB

5. Got the clustering (gossiping) on a 1000 Docker container based test network working, with a simple scripted command `n=1000 ./scale.bash`

6. Planned metric gathering pipeline for testnet monitoring

7. Working on the proof part of Lachesis protocol. Revised some main concepts of Lachesis using Lamport’s happened-before notations.

8. Added several lemmas and a theorem with proof by induction.

9. Defined several new definitions and added new theorems to be proved.

10. Added some details about domination relation and worked out some examples of OPERA chains.

Fantom in the Media

Fantom is always leading the market generating attention from the world, and this week is not an exception. Don’t miss how Fantom’s disruptive technology is changing the world!

Maeil Business Newspaper, one of the leading business media of Korea and third in the world, listed the interview with Fantom CEO Dr. Ahn to illustrate Fantom’s strength in Food-tech industry. The Korean news can be found here: “Blockchain Launching Applications Close to Real-life: delivery app, SNS, etc.“

Edaily, another leading Korean newspaper with 34,700 annual issues, reported on Fantom being used in partnership with KG Mobilians, one of the largest online payment solutions in Korea. Read more about “KG Mobilians, Partnering up with “SikSin” to Introduce Blockchain in Mobile Payment” at:

Upcoming Events

September was a magical month for Fantom — but October will be more! Fantom has a series of breathtaking moments planned out for October as well. These are the upcoming events you should make a note of in the calendar.

A) Fantom’s own six-month Hackathon (September 2018 — February 2019)

Fantom, in conjunction with Crypto Bazar, is hosting the currently ongoing six-month hackathon “Serial Hacking.” A series of teams are competing to solve the questions we set each month, leading to the Grand Hackathon at Hong Kong next February. For more information to participate as well as view Fantom Technical Advisor Andre Cronje as one of the juries, go to or join the Telegram channel at

B) San Francisco Blockchain Week (5–12 Oct)

Fantom COO Joseph Jang is attending San Francisco Blockchain Week ( This is a 9-day long worldwide event with more than 5,000 participants, during which ETH San Francisco, SF Blockchain Week Epicenter, and Crypto Economics Security Conference will be held. If you want to meet up with Joseph, don’t forget to stay connected with us at Telegram Official Channel ( as well as the English community (

C) Around the Blockchain — Startup Showcase & Talks in Sydney (23 Oct)

Fantom, along with other projects of Block8 and Tank Stream Labs, is sponsoring as well as presenting in Australia for the first time! Don’t miss this chance to learn about Fantom at Sydney Startup Hub:

D) Fantom Australia Launch by NEM Blockchain Hub, Brisbane (25 Oct)

Fantom is finally launching in Australia! In partnership with one of the closest partners NEM, as well as Blockchain Partners Holdings headed by our technical advisor Ashton, Fantom is more than happy to present officially to the Australian community its vision, its technical distinction and its strategies. In particular, Fantom core members previously not seen in front of the public will be there to discuss issues of core interest, including Fantom Global Ambassador Program. Register now at


As magical as September was for Fantom, we’re sure the following month will be more! Stay tuned for more news to come at our official channels, viewable from our webpage ( Until next week!