Fantom Partners with Multi Billion-dollar Energy and IOT Infrastructure Giant, Danfoss

We at Fantom are extremely proud to announce that we have made a huge leap towards achieving the milestones within our ecosystem development. Today we would like to announce that we have partnered with Danfoss, a multi-billion dollar corporation and giant in the efficient energy industry. Fantom and Danfoss have signed an agreement recently to form a massive strategic alliance.

This partnership has the potential to revolutionize peer-to-peer energy platforms in the way Uber has revolutionized transport. Fantom and Danfoss will explore the possibilities of accelerating the development of the microgrid.

The Danfoss Group is a leading corporation in manufacturing products and providing services used in cooling food, air conditioning, heating residencies and corporate buildings, and household appliance. The company is innovating in the field of renewable energy by investing largely in solar and wind power, as well as district heating and cooling infrastructure. Danfoss employs approximately 24,000 people worldwide with its headquarters in Nordborg, Denmark. In 2017, Danfoss managed to accrue 5.8 billion euros in sales across 47 countries and 56 factories globally. Their distribution network for solar inverters covers 82 distributors and wholesalers across 27 different countries.

Technological innovation will continue to be essential in the energy system for both economic and public policy reasons. Breakthroughs come not only in physical form from research or national labs, but also through new business models from the private sector.

“By cooperating with Danfoss, we are working towards applying Fantom technology in real-world use-cases through groundbreaking innovations and utilising the power of distributed ledger technology.” Dr. Ahn Byung Ik, CEO of Fantom Foundation, stated.