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May 4 · 5 min read

Blog post by Michael Chen

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s the Fantomians uniting in the name of the Fantom Recap for April 2019! It’s been a great month for our community with new Fantom communities popping out of the air, many interviews and appearances by our core team, and technical updates by Michael Kong!

Technical Updates

We’re here to build tech, and that’s also the first thing we’ll mention in this recap! We released our latest technical updates this week, and we’re excited to share that we’ve been able to scale the network to 65 nodes, and that we’re making cool progress with Dynamic Participation.

Check out the latest technical update here.

Interview after interview, AMA after AMA

We started off last month with our recap of the AMA on Qudem, and we followed it up shortly after with an AMA in the Wolf Crypto group. This was extremely exciting for us because we already joined the group for an AMA back in June 2018 around the time of our public sale, so it was interesting to see how things have changed in the past year. During the AMA we were joined by myself (Chen), Michael Kong, our rust-implementation core developer Samuel Marks, and we even got a surprise visit from our Technical Advisor — Andre Cronje.

We also took part in a couple written and live interviews with Niraj from Crypto Intelligence India, LilUziVertCoin on twitter, and the SharkCIA!

The Fantom x LTO x 20|30 x CryptoArnie meetup

Credits to CryptoArnie

We were extremely proud to co-host a meetup with LTO, 20|30, and CryptoArnie earlier this month in London. The attendance was great, the pizza was lukewarm, and many like-minded individuals managed to connect and discuss how we can push this space into the next stage, adoption.

We were so excited with the new opportunities we have been able to find, and the new people we’ve met, that we’re going to host another meetup in Paris very soon as well. Stay tuned for more information in regards to that.

It’s happening, we have a wiki page!

We’re very happy to also mention that we’ve launched our new wiki page on our subreddit /r/FantomFoundation recently! We were long overdue for the delivery of a good informational resource, and we finally managed to set up the structure of a good wiki in April. We’re planning to let the community maintain this wiki in the future, so if you’d like to volunteer, please send us a message on telegram!

Check out our wiki here.

Did you say p-p-partnership?

There are no exciting recaps without quality partnerships and developments on the research front. We decided to unveil our collaboration with the Yonsei University Programming Languages Team, and we’re excited for the fact that they’ll be collaborating with our partners from Professor Bernhard Scholz’s team at the University of Sydney!

‘‘In early 2019, Fantom gave a research grant to his team to collaborate with the University of Sydney on the development of a new verifiable register-based virtual machine and compiler to replace existing middle ware solutions such as the Ethereum Virtual Machine. He is joined by two PhD students: Seongho Jeong and Yeonsoo Kim.’’ — Michael Kong, Fantom CIO

“On behalf of Yonsei University, we thank Fantom for the generous funding provided for our collaboration! It will allow us to work with Fantom and the group of Professor Bernhard Scholz at The University of Sydney to develop new middleware technology that improves smart contract execution safety, performance and energy efficiency. Our aim is for our technology to be widely used as the new standard for smart contract development and execution.” — Associate Professor Bernd Burgstaller

Check out the full release here.

Transparency Renewed, Fantom is on Messari (and FCAS)

Credits to Messari

Messari gets it, good projects with good transparency make for a good disclosures registry. We’re proud to say that we’re pushing ahead for more transparency in the industry by being a part of this wonderful registry.

Check out the Messari Disclosures Registry for Fantom here

Aside from that we’ve also been added to Flipside’s FCAS rating, aside from updating our circulating supply on CoinMarketCap. Flipside Crypto will be tracking Fantom’s Github commits, market maturity, and community growth to give us a fundamental score that will represent our progress as we go forward.

Check out our FCAS rating here.

Vive la France (and India, and Spain).

In April we had not 1, but 4 new communities pop up! Our amazing community members are now running a French community, an Indian community, a Spanish community, and a Fantom node builder community. We think this is a sign of a healthy community, and it makes us happy to see the level of engagement we’ve been experiencing throughout the community.

And that wraps up our Fantom Recap for April 2019. Next stop, June. See you guys in the next iteration!


— Fantom

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Fantom Foundation

Fantom is a consensus-as-a-service (CaaS) platform for distributed ledgers.

Fantom Foundation

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Fantom Foundation

Fantom is a consensus-as-a-service (CaaS) platform for distributed ledgers.

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