Fantom Technical Update 7

More updates on how we’ve been improving our Lachesis and Fantom Pay!

Lachesis Development

- Improved Makefiles to allow tools be changed via environment

- Fixed OtherParent not found error. This was a pretty significant error that occurred for many months, that was a problem with event parent identification

- Added creation of Leaf Events when new Poset is created. This improves adherence of our implementation to the research theory.

- Fixed data races in tests

- Implemented Height and In-Degree vectors according to Lachesis paper

- Code optimization and clean-up (removed redundant maps)

- researching and debugging consensus issues

- [WIP] Implemented Clotho consensus according to prototype from researchers

- Created a rust implementation of the previous VM that is: pluggable, has a better error handling, a couple modified instructions to reduce duplication, and has better memory management.

- Created a dynamic memory allocator for the CPU.

- Made the CPU work as part of a distributed system on top of various consensus protocols, including lachesis

- Caught all uncaught errors

- Improved code quality through aggressive lint adherence

All Lachesis development updates can be found here:




Proof of Stake

Released Proof of Stake Version Two:

Fantom Pay

  • Expanded API functionality:
  • Redesigned the handling of the requests process
  • Included push notification to the request approval process
  • Setup coin creation, management and minting processes for merchants
  • Removed merchant abstraction and included them in users in order to better cater for functionality that is used by both.
  • Improved response handling around JWT sessions
  • Setup email verification and registration confirmation emails for register
  • Setup reset password process
  • Developed screens for “request flow”:

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