FANTOM’s Strategic Partners

FANTOM would like to introduce our strategic partners, who will play a valuable role in our project’s growth and development.

8Decimal is one of the largest crypto venture capital firm focuses on the blockchain infrastructure layer that addresses security, scalability and privacy. Their core team consists of more than 10 venture capital veterans, researchers and trading professionals.

Arrington XRP Capital is a leading digital asset management firm in blockchain-based capital markets in the world.

Bibox is an AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange platform. Team members consists of the co-founder of Okcoin and many of the founding team members of the Huobi exchange. They are one of the most popular crypto exchange by trading volume.

BlackEdge Capital is a proprietary trading firm specializing in option market-making, a leading liquidity provider for exchange–cleared instruments to capture market inefficiencies utilizing technical innovation and risk management expertise.

Block Crafters Capital is a professional team of experts in blockchain, startups, and traditional finance that invests exclusively in blockchain technologies for investors believing in cryptocurrencies.

Block Tech Capital Corporation is a global investment firm that focuses on investing in digital assets as well as leading blockchain technology companies, with a combined 60+ years of experience in principal investing and capital markets.

Block VC is consisted of members from Google, Deepmind, Credit Suisse who have algorithmic and financial background to identify blockchain projects that have the potential to be global champions.

BlockWater is a leading digital asset fund(DAF) focusing on bringing blockchain-enabled projects to the real world application, on belief that current disruption through cryptoeconomics and blockchain is only the start.

ChainRock is a global advisory and investment firm focused on digital assets and emerging blockchain technology, expanding across institutional finance, technology, and marketing, to support the growth of value-creators in the ecosystem.

Crypto Trade Capital is a private investment firm founded by top three Romanian crypto-entrepreneurs, focusing exclusively on projects related to infrastructure and blockchain technology, impacting the future and disrupting markets.

Future Money is a venture studio to solve the “2 S problems” (better scalability and stability) in blockchain world.

HyperChain is a leading digital assets management company with extensive experience in investing in major blockchain technology companies.

Kunwu Jiuding Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. (JD Capital) is a Chinese private equity (PE) investment, management agency, and a comprehensive finance and investment member company held by Jiuding Group.

JRR Crypto founded EOS JRR, and are committed to creating EOS-based application ecosystem and providing a series of services including project incubation, development, training, and community operation.

Kosmos Capital is a well-respected Australian fund with professionalism and experience in investing in innovative global blockchain investment opportunities.

Lemniscap is a leading firm that specializes in supporting and advising emerging blockchain startups and crypto asset projects.

Link VC is a rising venture capital firm that focuses on assisting promising digital currency projects. They have offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shen Zhen and Canada.

MB Technology is focused in seeking out projects that to achieve the goal of creating a global ecosystem of connected blockchains.

Nirvana Capital is a leading blockchain focused fund whose portfolio includes five of the top 10 global token projects (based on market capitalization).

One Block Limited is a leading blockchain investment & advisory group based in Asia for blockchain to bring a transparent & more effective financial system and decentralized, trustless, and more equitable Internet.

Orichal Partners is a trusted partner for navigating blockchain technology and digital assets, helping our stakeholders gain exposure to the digital asset space.

Origin X Capital is one of the leading firms that identify and incubate game changers in the cryptocurrency industry. They specialize in project due diligence, law, fintech and more.

QCP Capital is Asia’s leading full-suite Crypto-Asset trading firm that has a vision to adopt blockchain and cryptocurrency to various industries.

Renaissance Digital Assets (“Renda”) is a boutique ICO advisory and investment firm in the Asia Pacific region, with a goal to turn every client/investment ICO into a success measured by return and blockchain technology integration into our lives.

Signum Capital is a Singapore-based firm with a mission to realize the future of blockchain economy by consulting in game changing projects.

Transference Capital Management Limited is a digital currency fund focused on blockchain value investment. It focuses on investment in underlying technology infrastructure and financial instruments in the primary market, and digs deeper into undervalued high-growth targets in the secondary market. The portfolio includes ArcBlock, Telegram, Odaily, Mobile Coin, Thunder Token, Irisnet, Hashgard, Lots, DCC, BITKOP, FANTOM, Egretia, Penta, etc.

XSQ is one of the leading companies that specialize in blockchain infrastructure development. They seek to support and nurture winning teams and companies for the world stage.

Zorax Capital is a crypto based venture capital firm that focuses exclusively on emerging applications of blockchain technology, bringing its portfolio of clients to market ensuring both short term success and long term profitability.