FantomVision PWA: Official Fantom Explorer

Connor Hughes
Apr 18, 2020 · 2 min read

FantomVision is the new-and-improved explorer that makes use of our high-performance GraphQL API. Now you can install the explorer and make it a permanent fixture on your taskbar with just a few clicks!

We built the explorer as a Progressive Web App (PWA) — you can install it to your device and it will behave as an application. Future development on the explorer will be more time-efficient, and new features can be added much faster. We’ll also push updates to your device automatically; no need to install new firmware manually.

Putting the Fantom Explorer on your taskbar gives you one-click access to Opera, and you’ll soon be able to opt-in to a range of push notifications of your choice.

We’ve ported the site from over to the official explorer site:, so if you’re a developer that uses either explorer’s links in your own applications please check that everything is still working as intended and update any broken links.

How do I install the explorer as a PWA app?

1️⃣Open Chrome
2️⃣Navigate to the Fantom Explorer
3️⃣Go to Settings (top right corner)
4️⃣Click “Install Fantom Explorer”

1️⃣Open Safari on your iPhone
2️⃣Navigate to the Fantom Explorer
3️⃣Click the Share button on Safari (at the bottom)
4️⃣Click “Add to Home Screen”

1️⃣Open Chrome on your Android Mobile Device
2️⃣Navigate to the Fantom Explorer
3️⃣Click Settings (top right corner) on Chrome
4️⃣Click “Add to Home Screen”

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