One more step towards interoperability — Binance DEX is listing Fantom.

Fantom Foundation
May 27 · 2 min read

By Michael Chen

Today, we’re seeing the fruits of the tree we planted last week with both the Fantom and Binance community. Shortly after we announced our collaboration with Binance Chain to provide a multi asset cross chain ecosystem, we submitted our community listing proposal towards Binance DEX to show the rest of the blockchain industry the strength of our communities once more. The result? Our community listing proposal has received some of the biggest engagement of any project in the Binance Community Forum, in the shortest span of time. We have received over 190.000 impressions on our the tweet of our initial announcement, and we have taken one more step towards bringing Fantom to the masses.

Statistics for the official announcement of our collaboration with Binance Chain.

As of this moment, the BEP2 (Native token standard of Binance Chain) variant of our FTM token has been approved by a majority of the Binance Chain nodes to be listed on Binance DEX. To us, this is more than an exchange listing, it symbolizes that we are joining a movement of early adopters and pioneers to this new ecosystem which Fantom’s network will be inter operable with. It is in our spirit of collaboration and bringing value to the wider blockchain industry, instead of focusing purely on our own ecosystem and networks.

One more thing before we wrap up, we really want to thank the Binance Community and the Fantom Community for engaging so positively with the community listing proposal, but also our friends from Wolf Crypto, The Fusion Community, and many other communities whom came together to help us push Fantom to the masses. Nothing embodies the spirit of interoperability more than working together, and we want to give them all a huge shout out for their contributions.

See you all in the next blog post, cheers!

~The Fantom Team

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