Michael Chen
Jun 11 · 3 min read

By Michael Chen

Hi Fantomians and Binancians! Binance.com just opened trading for FTM/BNB — FTM/BTC — FTM/USDT — FTM/TUSD — FTM/USDC — FTM/PAX trading pairs at 2019/06/11 4:00 AM (UTC).

We’re extremely proud to be listing on Binance because it’s something we’ve been working towards for a really long time as we’ve been building our technology stack diligently, slowly but surely. It’s been a long ride that may have started on rocky foundations, but we’re really happy that we solidified most aspects of our organization and our community, and today we can say that our combined efforts have bore its fruits.

Which fruits? — ‘ Fantom Listing Fee: 0 BNB.’ We pride ourselves in having received a free exchange listing from Binance, which we believe is one of the biggest marks of approval one can receive from a big platform such as binance.com!

So how do we make our deposits into our Binance wallets?

Binance will be listing our BEP2 token, but no worries if you’re still holding the ERC20 FTM tokens. Binance will be supporting both the BEP2 and ERC20 token deposits, and we’ll be explaining both processes here.

BEP2 Deposit

Step 1. Read the disclaimer, and check the box ‘I understand the risks listed above.’

Step 2. The first column shows the MEMO that you’ll need for the deposit. The second column shows the deposit address. Please send your FTM tokens to the deposit address, and add the MEMO in the MEMO section for the transaction!

Step 3. If you have completed this transaction, the FTM should quickly show up in your wallet.

ERC20 Deposit

If you’d like to deposit your ERC20 tokens you can either decide to send your tokens to an existing ETH address that is linked to your Binance.com account, or swap your tokens to the BEP2 variant before you send them to the exchange.

For more clarity, read the guide below.

Question 1. How do I swap my ERC20 FTM tokens to BEP2 tokens?
We recently wrote a guide that breaks down the entire swap from ERC20 to BEP2 for our token holders. It requires you to create a Binance Chain wallet, and then you can use the bnbridge to make the swap quickly to the native token standard for Binance.

Read ‘Bridging to BEP2 — The Fantom Way’ on our Medium!

Question 2. Can I send my ERC20 tokens straight to Binance without interacting with the bridge?
Yes! Totally, we have a work around that allows you to send your ERC20 FTM tokens straight to binance. Our community member, Danimal, broke it down extremely well!

Sending ERC20 FTM to Binance is a simple token transfer.

1. Log in to Binance, go to Funds > Deposit, select Ethereum (ETH), and copy your ETH Deposit address.

2. Whether you’re on an exchange or using a private wallet, send and/or withdraw your tokens to the ETH deposit address that Binance provides.

If you have followed these steps correctly, your Fantom will be deposited into your FTM account balance on Binance shortly. This works because Fantom is an ERC20 compatible token.

Official Email Address: contact@fantom.foundation

Official Website Link: https://www.fantom.foundation

Official Telegram Discussion Group (English): https://t.me/fantom_english

Official Telegram Announcements Channel: https://t.me/fantomfoundation

Official Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/FantomFoundation/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/FantomFDN

Official Medium: https://medium.com/fantomfoundation

Official Github: https://github.com/Fantom-foundation

Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/fantomfoundation

Fantom Foundation

Fantom is the world's first DAG based smart contract platform.

Michael Chen

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Chief Marketing Officer @ Fantom Foundation

Fantom Foundation

Fantom is the world's first DAG based smart contract platform.

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