How to make a Diy gummy coke bottle!

these little guys is a taste explosion and u guys should try these so lets hop to it!

the ingredients you need are to:

  • Empty pop from the bottle in a medium bowl, and let sit out to become flat (loses carbonation).
  • Prep pop bottle by removing label (and saving it), and spraying the inside of the bottle with non stick spray.
  • In a small bowl, mix gelatin and jello crystals together with a whisk.
  • Heat pop in the microwave, or over the stove until just boiling. Pour in gelatin and mix with a spoon or spatula until no clumps remain.
  • Pour into pop bottle, place lid back on bottle, and place in the freezer for one hour, or fridge for 3.
  • To remove gummy from the bottle, slice pop bottle with an X-Acto knife and gently remove pieces of the plastic until the gummy remains.
  • Wrap wrapper back around the bottle.
  • Keep gummy wrapped in plastic wrap, and in the fridge until ready to eat.

this video will help way more :p

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