Fanvest’s W16 Preview

Welcome to Weekly! Beat the market through investing in winners.

Pricing Tiers

It’s all about value. Below you’ll find the pricing tiers based on share price and return, or the amount of fanbucks ($FBX) you’d receive upon a win:

  • Blue Chip: Share Price > $FBX 80 (Return < 1.25x)
  • Large Favorite: Share Price $FBX 60 — $FBX 80 (Return 1.7x — 1.25x)
  • Small Favorite: Share Price $FBX 50 — $FBX 60 (Return 2x — 1.7x)
  • Small Underdog: Share Price $FBX 40 — $FBX 50 (Return 2.5x — 2x)
  • Big Underdog: Share Price $FBX 25 — $FBX 40 (Return 4x — 2.5x)
  • ‘Dog of the Week’: Share Price < $FBX 25 (Return > 4x)

Example: 1 Share of CIN purchased at $FBX 30.30 would increase to $FBX 100 upon a win, a return of (100/30.30 = 3.3x)

The Fanvest Five

Each week our team of analysts will select their five favorite plays of the week and the record will be tracked in this article.

We had a losing week in W15, but all 3 of our losses were one score games. Luckily LAC pulled through in overtime to cash as a big underdog.

W16 will determine many team’s playoff hopes, and we have identified a few teams that are undervalued with their playoff hopes on the line.

Friday 4:30pm: Minnesota Vikings ($FBX 28.57) @ New Orleans Saints

The legs of Dalvin Cook have proven in 2020 that they can beat just about anybody. Even though the Saints are a much stronger overall team, this Vikings offense can certainly make this game competitive. At around $FBX 30, the Vikings are one of the top value plays of W16.

Saturday 4:30pm: San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals ($FBX 65.51)

The Cardinals are fighting for their playoff lives, and will need Kyler Murray to keep playing at an MVP level to have a chance at the postseason. Kyler’s rushing ability is borderline unmatched, and it’s unlikely SF will be able to contain him. With the better QB at home in a must win game, it’s hard to find a reason not to back ARI, especially at a relative discounted opening price around $FBX 65.

Sunday 1:00pm: Chicago Bears ($FBX 78.62) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Bears aren’t great, but they are much better than Jacksonville. CHI is expensive at an opening price near $FBX 80 but CHI is arguably the safest fanvestment of W16, as JAX now has a clear path to the #1 pick after the shock NYJ victory last week.

Sunday 4:05pm: Los Angeles Rams ($FBX 47.62) @ Seattle Seahawks

In a toss-up divisional game, it’s often defense that ends up being the deciding factor. With the best defensive player in football and a great pass defense, the Rams have a major advantage in an otherwise very close matchup.

Sunday 4:25pm: Philadelphia Eagles ($FBX 56.52) @ Dallas Cowboys

With Jalen Hurts under center, this PHI offense has found new life. Facing a Dallas defense that hasn’t stopped anybody all year, Hurts should show why he’s potential the Eagles QB of the future. At an opening price around $FBX 50, this is a rare opportunity to grab the team that’s trending up for a relative discount.



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Fernando Murias

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