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Hard to Wear a Mask? Here Are Other Habits People Found Hard to Adopt in the Past

Many are puzzled by the opposition of some Americans to wear a face mask in this pandemic. Looking at the past, this opposition to “do what you are told” is not that unprecedented.

Seen in New York City, the former COVID-19 epicenter in the U.S. (Credit: Karina Montoya G.)




Questions and wanna-be answers about the economy, finance, technology and media. Geographical focus: Latin America and the U.S. Dose: once or twice a week. Warning: contains unapologetic Latina views. Welcome to (my) FAQ World.

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Karina Montoya G.

Karina Montoya G.

Journalist. Stops: Lima, NYC, and now D.C.| Columbia Journalism School alumna (2019) | Cares about tech disruption, public policy, business, U.S. & LatAm.

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