The cerebral Evel Knievel. Dr. Octagon (1996)

25 Years Later, the Acid is Still Potent

“Armed with seven rounds of space doo-doo pistols.”


This is a super villain’s theme song and an appropriate track to follow the porno inspired album intro. You know you’re in for some shit when that intro wraps up with a repeated plea by a female patient to have her vagina humped by the evil doctor.

“Earth People”

Might be the definitive track on this album for some fans. It’s menacing but only as far as the synthesizers will take you. Keith’s lyrics descend into the inane immediately, and it’s hard not to laugh.

“No Awareness”

Dr. Octagon and his evil assistant, Sir Melenik, run through their notes on the trials and tribulations of cannibalism and constructing a Frankenstein monster of their very own. Then, they hit you with the chorus.



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