Always love your mother. Screenshot from Mother Earth Brew Co. website

Big Mother Earth Triple IPA is Hard-hitting yet Smooth-sipping

Tropical storms and hurricanes come to mind with this next heavy hitter that could easily give STONE Brewery a run for its money when it comes to tasty IPA’s. Mother Earth Brew Co. has two brewery locations, one in Vista, California and the other in Nampa, Idaho. Their line is extensive to say the least, with a range of craft beers from seasonal anniversary releases along with a year-round lineup of classic hits. Mother Earth Brew Co. achieved major distribution in 2013, so it may not have reached across the entirety of the states, but this IPA deserves notional recognition as a competent competitor to the established giants of the industry.

Complex brews deserve complex music. Hailing from the mysterious reaches of Omaha, Nebraska, 311 has earned its place in the halls of pre-internet nostalgia as one of the Hallmark sounds of the 90’s alt-rock scene. This band has come a long way from the commercial radio hits that made them so famous. Though this is not their latest album (they had a release in 2019 called Voyager), 311’s 2017 album Mosaic is one of their best to date and holds up well against their more popular works like From Chaos and Soundsystem.

Omaha’s finest can still bring it.

When Mosaic is paired with a pint of Big Mother Triple India Pale Ale, the blissful highs and well-rounded lows of Omaha’s finest ring through with lovely hip-hop clarity. I can’t help but add it to the regular rotation of playlists. 311 has always had an identifiable sound with their combination of hip-hop scat accompanied by harmonized guitar licks, funky bass riffs, and tell-tale chorus lines. Nebraska should be proud that such an eclectic sound calls this modest Midwest state home.

It is no wonder that Mother Earth Brew Co. has both Midwest and West Coast roots, as more than a few of their beers contain a wonderful blend of hops and fruity notes that can only come from the widespread collaboration with brew masters across this great country. I am not sure what kind of black magic this brewery has been able to master, but Big Mother Triple India Pale Ale is one of the smoothest IPA’s I have been lucky enough to consume. Fans of STONE Brewery or El Segundo Brewery will find that Mother Brew Co. has a line of full-bodied beers that are not afraid to have explosive flavor along with an alcohol content to match. Big Mother Triple Ale Anniversary Ale is no slouch, commanding a hard hitting 10.5% alc/vol. When accompanied by heady jams like 311, a fair bit of caution is not the worst warning to heed. Normally, I would have no problem taking down four pints over the course of an album, but Big Mother Co. has me setting rigid limits at two per session. In the interest of journalism, I shall abide, but I have a good mind to complain to the dolt who imposed such restrictions … whoever that fool may be. I digress.

The head of this frothy IPA doesn’t last long before it’s engulfed by a wonderfully warm blend of sunburst orange hues swirling with columns of bubbling carbonation. Identifiable notes of pineapple cross with hints of rotten papaya against a wonderfully tart backdrop of blueberry and rose blossom fragrances. The bitter finish is present but quickly forgotten with each sip as Mosaic takes us on a journey that is fueled by 311’s reinvigorated beats and hip-hop laden rhythms. Where most 311 albums have a certain degree of, well, let’s call it, “311 fatigue” — where every song sounds the same as the last — Mosaic escapes this confinement. For the most part, it is a solid album that takes us on a nice ride, and with Big Mother Triple India Pale Ale by your side, Mosaic is a heady trip that won’t disappoint.



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