Show Me the Trophy!

Ambassador of Quan hangs on to win his first AGS title, throws shade at his biggest haters.

Image by Nick M. W.
AGS is pulling for Damar.

Reaction to Week 17:

50 points might have made a difference for T. RUTH.

Scum, you earned 3rd place after a bittersweet season. Now that you’ve officially entered the offseason, how do you feel about how AGS 2022 went down?

Cool. Good luck with all that.
What was the highlight of your season, and what was your biggest regret?

Some of the other AGS owners chimed in and shared their season highlights and biggest regrets.
Here’s what they said.

Brandon (New Jax City)

Jamon (T. RUTH)

Joe (Who’s Coming in 2nd?)

Lennon (Cebert Frogs)

Quan, the Ambassador, you finally did it. You climbed the top of the AGS mountain and planted your flag as the 2022 league champ. You’ve endured years of mockery and verbal abuse, as many of us non-champs have, but the knives were out when it came to you.

How does it feel to be the last team standing this season?

You benched your dude, the G.O.A.T. TB12, in the Super Bowl, in favor of Jared Goff, and it worked out.

Thanks for giving us the short version of this answer, Quan.

Did attending a live taping of a fantasy football podcast give you that coaching edge, or did you just get lucky?

Every victory is sweet, and getting the win in the biggest game of the season was the sweetest win, but was there another victory you had this season that was special?

The league knows you respect and possibly have a man-crush on The Curse team owner Joey Bryant because of how you stroke his loaf on the thread. You already said that you see him as a threat to your title defense next season, which other team/s are you thinking might return in 2023 with a vengeance?

Neither can we, Quan.

To all you other fantasy football fiends out there, enjoy the offseason. We’ll see you again in August.



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