Survival of the Illest

Only the strong survived Week 12.

Image by Nick M. W.

Reactions to Week 12:

Another big time win for the team known as “Replacements”, but this time it didn’t require a comeback or a heart attack finish. You cruised! How good do you feel right now, Rudy?

Rebel Scum, you stood tall against the defending champ and pulled out a gritty win. The winning streak continues, and it looks like you locked up a playoff spot.

How good do you feel right now?

Every teams’ fate lies in the hands of the Fantasy Football Gods. They give, and they take away. What was your mindset going into Week 12 knowing that there was a lot riding on things that were out of your control?

Since we’re into the last month of the year, what’s been your favorite new album to come out so far (in 2022)?

What are your Top 5 holiday movies?

Scum, the playoff picture for AGS has five out of six spots already clinched. You are top dog tied for the best record in the league at 9. Does seeding matter to you? Is there anything to work for until the playoffs?

Week 13 Predictions:



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