A series of watershed moments

It was almost the end of May 2008 and I appeared for the last paper of my bachelor’s degree. Those were interesting times. I was about to complete my graduation and I wasn’t sure about where my future (career?) lay. Very typical, isn’t it?

It was also interesting because, in exactly two months, China was on its way to host its first ever Olympics. I was pretty excited and was following up the preparation meticulously as a nationalist Chinese would. The new highways, new airport terminal, new superstructures like the Bird’s Nest all amazed me. Okay, Bird’s Nest isn’t that aesthetic but hope you are getting my point. I am sure I wasn’t the only Indian who might have done the same but I was definitely the only one in my vicinity.

I used to naively draw comparisons between how Delhi in two years will also host an event of a sizeable nature (CWG, you remember?) though mindful of the fact of it not being of similar grandeur as Olympics are. Come August 2008, the world quite literally witnessed a flawless Olympics. Logistically speaking.

By the end of 2009, it became clear that Delhi could not match this or even make a decent event by acceptable precedents. Commonwealth Games opening ceremony did salvage some honour but visibly was a patchwork. Now when I recall, the CWG preparations nosedived in a similar manner like my career did. I was as disoriented with what I was doing work-wise as I was when I first took a job while awaiting my graduation result in the rainy days of June 2008.

That makes me wonder how come my first blog actually talks about sports; my least interested area of discourse and practice!