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From v3 to v4: our new version is out

What of v3 remains in our new version and what’s brand-new!

With every new project we start, our goal is to always bring our products to the next level. We took a great leap forward and we are happy to announce that our new version is already available in the Professional & corporate subscription. Get ready for new features and a revamped UI experience that will improve your day-to-day operations.

Vulnerability Management never looked this good: this is our renewed UI

When designing our new dashboard, one of our goals was to provide you with access to many popular features. We believe this will help you work easier and faster.

Our primary focus was to make it look sleek and intuitive. Now, it’s easier to navigate and gain speed when executing tasks and getting things done.

“Faraday Professional offers new streamlined workflows built over heuristics that facilitate timely decisions. The new experience allows users to make decisions based on a clear context, avoiding challenging learning curves.”

Mario Rebuffi- UX Lead

Multiple workspaces? All in one view

As a Faraday user, you usually work with multiple projects and workspaces at the same time. We incorporated an overview of all your active workspaces to this new dashboard for you to tackle your daily operations and simplify complex processes. Have a look! 👇

A simplified way to find exactly what you’re looking for

Managing your vulnerability can sometimes get messy. We worked on that and designed a versatile search bar to look for vulnerabilities quickly. You can code it or write the keywords you are looking for. We also included a brand-new Advanced search function for you to filter and get more accurate results.




Bells are ringing! No comment will be left out of sight. We integrated a new notification icon to the top right corner of your dashboard. You won’t miss anything!

The next step in Report generation: preview, advanced filter, light and dark mode, and more

Now reporting starts to feel less like a time-consuming task and more like a way to show your work effortlessly.

We thought of all your needs and incorporated big changes to reporting. Now you can preview and modify your reports before downloading them. You also have advanced filters at your disposal to select what’s relevant from your data.

Last but not least, you can now choose between light or dark mode on .pdf or .docx templates and customize them with your branding and style. Time to show your work!

Have a cleaner dashboard without redundant vulnerabilities: deduplication

Duplicated vulnerabilities can make your dashboard look too busy. We use over 80 scanning tools to cover your entire attack surface, which can detect the same issues. Now you can mark them as duplicated and sweep them right away. Deduplicate vulns and have a crystal clear view of your work.

Agents wizard: the friendliest way to run agents

Run your agents one step at a time and make sure to take advantage of every optional tool we offer (NMap, Arachni, Nikto, Wpscan and more). Check out this new friendly layout and easy setting options.

The new version of Faradays offers you many more functions among other life-changing enhancements and features. They will help you tackle your day-to-day operations and boost your productivity.

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