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Who’s in charge of security in your company?

There’s a severe shortage of security experts in the market. For young professionals, this represents a specialization and growing opportunity. For IT teams and companies, it means trouble. The time required to train new specialists to satisfy market demands is much more than the time available to develop robust security strategies.

As a matter of urgency, this gap needs to be closed. Safety Tasks need to be performed, security responsibilities require accountability right now, and security and IT teams are buried with more work than they can handle.

“Security and risk management has become a board-level issue for organizations. The number and sophistication of security breaches are rising, spurring increased legislation to protect consumers and putting security at the forefront of business decisions. (Gartner)

At Faraday, we worked to turn this emergency fix. We translated our consulting and penetration testing expertise into a tool that can complement developers’ and IT professionals’ work. As a result, Faraday software allows professionals to perform state-of-the-art security tasks. Our commitment to making security simple and accessible for all is a matter of principle and an essential response to global circumstances.

An unexpected security role

Let’s suppose you’re a developer or have experience in some area within IT. You start learning and getting informed and you notice cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities are always growing, both in number and complexity. And on the other hand, you’ll find out it’s not easy to learn cybersecurity theoretically. Books can’t help as much as they do for learning Python or C++. That’s just because most knowledge used to detect vulnerabilities comes from practical experience. It takes time to get started.

Also, apart from the difficulties of your security responsibility, you still have other tasks to perform, software to deploy or deadlines to meet. Your situation is not easy.

Faraday eases all the process of dealing with vulnerabilities, from beginning to end, every step of the way.

There are four crucial steps in order to perform a successful security strategy, all of which you can now resolve directly by using Faraday software:

  • Vulnerability detection: The first step is to uncover weaknesses across your entire attack surface (penetration testing expertise)

Faraday’s First Scan allows you to run several scanning tools through your assets and integrates the results smoothly and seamlessly, showing a list of vulnerabilities detected.

  • Vulnerability management: When large numbers of vulnerabilities are detected, the second challenge is to triage and define which needs to be solved first. Faraday’s dashboard accounts for all the necessary information, including the level of severity and ease of resolution to focus on the vulnerabilities and assets that matter most, while deprioritizing the rest.
  • Vulnerability fixing: You can fix vulnerabilities by obtaining a detailed description of where they are, how they work, their related documentation, and a recommendation on how to solve them.
  • Reporting: Create professional reports with our Knowledge Base and export all your findings into compliance-ready formats.

Faraday helps you cover these four steps, the rest of the process is at the reach of any developer. The urgent response to a security shortage in the market is a robust, thorough and lasting solution. Faraday also allows integration with other tasks. For example, issues raised by scans may be assigned directly from Faraday’s dashboard to your ticketing systems, such as Jira or Service Now.

These features allow smooth integration between security and business productivity and resources optimization. Faraday makes security simple and accessible for every business while helping specialized teams enhance their productivity, ease their workflow and scale their solutions.

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Faraday Platform helps you perform security engineering by maximizing your team’s resources, increasing risk visibility by converting all your data into valuable information https://www.faradaysec.com/

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