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5 Key Updates from Farcana Team

Greetings to Farcana Community!

We thank you for your support of our project — we keep building, and today we are excited to share a bunch of the most important developments from our dedicated team. This selection is far from the whole scope of Farcana’s news, we have collected just five crucial events you shouldn't miss at this very moment.

Okay, here we go!

In a recent tell-all interview with Gulf News (UAE’s best-selling English newspaper), Farcana’s founder and CEO Ilman Shazhaev shared his origin story and motivations behind building Farcana.

“One of the main goals of Farcana is to transfer assets, interactions, and values of Web2 gaming to Web3.” — Ilman Shazhaev, CEO & Founder of Farcana.

👉 Read more to uncover Farcana’s founding story and future vision.


Our team is growing both internationally and quantitatively. Over 70 employees worldwide work passionately on Farcana’s architecture. Our talents made notable contributions to top games like Fortnite, Doom, Halo, Spiderman, Battlefront 2, Fallout, Left4Dead, Call of Duty: BlackOps4, and worked for Wargaming and Cardano Foundation.

Next week, a delegation from the Farcana team will head to Asia’s top crypto event — TOKEN2049 conference in Singapore. ​On September 28–29, TOKEN2049 brings together the global Web3 industry, uniting entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry insiders and global media — and creates unparalleled networking opportunities.


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We are preparing for our upcoming alpha test before propelling into the next game development phase. The release on Farcana mobile version is targeted for Q4 2022, and you can learn more about future plans from our roadmap:

Finally, we are updating Farcana’s website enriching it with updates about the game, its economy and the waiting list. Check out our new design, Farcana’s story and its secret language:


With gamers’ interests in mind, we are pushing the industry’s boundaries to value your contribution. Farcana recognises gamers’ many investments: socially, financially, and the time spent.

About Farcana

Farcana is the blockchain-based gaming metaverse. Game lore takes place on Mars, when Earth’s resources are stretching, mankind starts sending expeditions to the red planet and fighting for Infilium, the most powerful energy source, found in the Galaxy.

Farcana is the first high-quality immersive shooter game with a Bitcoin prize pool backed by the stable economic model — Play-to-Hash (P2H), patented in the US. Play-to-Hash is backed by the real-world economy and mining data centers, resulting in more stability and transparency than the classic Play-to-Earn market can offer. Farcana Labs, the scientific and engineering arm of Farcana, produces and offers AI solutions and wearables to the gaming industry for upgrading the gaming experience and forming a complete setup of gamers’ data portfolios.

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Farcana game is a shooter with battle royale mode, where the players will seek to start a new life on terraformed Mars and earn Infilium — the most powerful resource in the Galaxy to create disruptive technologies and mine Bitcoin with extra speed.

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Blockchain-based game with original Play-to-Hash model, real Bitcoin prize pool and regular tournaments