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4 min readAug 1, 2022


Farcana Labs is a laboratory that conducts research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining for gaming industry as well as various applications in bioinformatics, engineering informatics, social informatics, and related areas.

Farcana Labs emerged as a scientific spin-off from the global Farcana project — gaming metaverse to utilize huge amount of data from gamers as well as to bring new technologies to Farcana game/metaverse.

The Labs developed and adopted techniques that help to get into the gaming reality completely. Also, the track simulator and VR boots will make the player do active movements, which, in combination with the virtual adventures, will force the endorphin output.

Moreover, communication with other players provokes the oxytocin output, which is crucial in the process of shaping feelings of private safety and anxiety mitigation.

The current aim of the gaming developments is to enhance the effect of the level of players’ aggressiveness caused by games and expand their performance. Modern gaming is not only about having a good time, it’s also about reducing the level of stress or violence.

The Head of Farcana Labs

Dr. Dmitry Mihaylov, who is in charge of developing new science-empowered solutions in Farcana, is the head of Farcana Labs. He is an associate professor at the National University of Singapore and an expert contractor in the United Nations, visiting lecturer in the universities of the USA, China, and South Korea. Dmitry has over 10 years of experience working in DeepTech. He is an author of 27 patents, more than 200 scientific articles, and 10 books dedicated to AI technologies, informational systems, and big data.

Dmitry builds strong IP strategies by designing multiple patents for companies, publishes scientific articles making companies visible to big players, and improves business processes through AI applications. As a CSO of Farcana Metaverse, he is working on implementing the latest research in VR and AI technology to make the user experience more satisfying.


Now Farcana Labs is developing a few key projects that will shape the Farcana game and the gaming industry as a whole, providing a brand new experience for players.

Among Farcana Labs’ projects there are:

Metaverse Coach

World’s premier esports coaching platform with Artificial intelligence and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) support. The AI engine by Farcana reads information from multiple sensors, including wearables, BCI, and frontal cameras. This way, players’ emotions, and brain activity are measured.

Farcana invited the best eSport athletes to be its baseline and measured their emotions and brain activities during the game in a controlled environment. Students of Farcana’s premier esports coaching platform use multiple devices while playing in the virtual environment to compare their parameters with the best eSport athletes.

eGame voice assistant

Farcana Labs built the first eGame voice assistant that will advise the player in the game and help with voice control functionality, and also cheer up players to make the game more fun. A game environment makes the state-of-the-art voice assistant to use in metaverses. Thousands of Farcana gaming metaverse players generate gigabytes of data to make Farcana voice assistant smart.

AI procedural music

Procedural music is a composition that evolves in real-time according to a specific set of rules or control logic. This can take the form of generative composition or transformational composition, the line between which can be somewhat indistinct.

The AI engine reads players’ emotions and a wearable ring measures the pulse and other parameters of the player. This data and eGame/film scenarios are used to generate unique music and sounds. Farcana’s approach allows each player to have sounds and music that are specific to him personally and make a great effect.

Immersive technologies

Farcana Labs integrated more than 10 suppliers of immersive tools in one cloud and trained its AI to work them smoothly with any in-game events. The Immersive cloud is easily integrated with any game that opens new abilities to any game developed in one click.

Farcana sees great extensions of the AI engine it is training for multiple applications aside from gaming, for example in the healthcare domain. Doctors and healthcare providers have already discovered that Immersive Technology helps with relieving a patient’s pain as immersing them in an experience distracts them from what’s going on. This technology allows medical students and doctors to do new levels of surgery simulations. Immersive Technology can help doctors watch other surgeons perform operations remotely — maybe even from a first-person perspective.

Respiratory analysis disease platform

Respiratory analysis disease platform Acoustery is a fully automated solution, which can monitor and track health based on the analysis of the voice, cough, and breath. Acoustery uses state-of-the-art machine learning-based approaches to analyze text and audio data.




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