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Farcana partners with Dravus Investment to facilitate eco-mining and raise $1 million for green infrastructure for its data centers

We are proud to announce that Farcana has signed a strategic investment agreement with Dravus Investment, a leading Central European private equity holding focusing on investments in energy production and distribution, solar plant construction, and eco-mining.

Building on blockchain technologies, Farcana supports the ongoing shift of crypto mining toward renewable energy, and Dravus Investment backs this initiative with $1M funding into the company’s infrastructure.

Farcana’s in-game economy and consistent reward fund are backed by Bitcoin mining hash rate, where the company has introduced a new benchmark for the GameFi sector through an innovative, US patented, Play-to-Hash (P2H) model. This progressive partnership will enable Farcana to adapt this concept into an eco-friendly one, reducing the environmental impact of mining in support of the product economy.

About Dravus Investment

Dravus Investment is an established Central European private equity holding founded in 2011, with its head office located in Brno, Czech Republic. It focuses on investments in energy production, the environment, and new technologies in rapidly developing markets. Dravus Investment has robust experience in all solar energy business processes, including purchasing lands, preparing for a ready-to-build stage, installing solar energy infrastructure, and distributing produced energy.


About Farcana

Farcana is a gaming metaverse and high-quality, immersive shooter game built on blockchain and Unreal Engine 5. The game lore takes place on Mars, where the Earth’s resources are depleting, and mankind sent expeditions to the Red Planet to hunt for Infilium, a powerful and scarce energy source.

Farcana offers a Bitcoin-backed prize pool regulated by a stable Play-to-Hash (P2H) economic model patented in the US. P2H offers gamers more transparency than the conventional Play-to-Earn model.

Farcana Labs, the scientific and engineering arm of Farcana, supplies AI solutions and wearable hardware to the gaming industry. Farcana’s innovations offer players a more immersive and intuitive gaming experience.

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Farcana game is a shooter with battle royale mode, where the players will seek to start a new life on terraformed Mars and earn Infilium — the most powerful resource in the Galaxy to create disruptive technologies and mine Bitcoin with extra speed.

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Blockchain-based game with original Play-to-Hash model, real Bitcoin prize pool and regular tournaments