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Farcana Team at Token2049: a Strong Boost to Q4 2022

Token2049 was a blast, and we’re still reeling from the activities and meetings that we had there.

At Token2049, we expanded our network immensely, connecting with industry leaders in venture capital, guilds, DAOs, gaming and DeFi projects across multiple chains.

We also had a number of meetings with top tier blockchains and exchanges as we look to determine the right place for our project to launch. The relationships built at this event were not only priceless in value but also hugely educational and beneficial to us in a number of ways.

Farcana team and IreneDAO

We’re excited to begin Q4 having built up over 100 strong connections here as we look to take Farcana to the next level, where we belong!

About Farcana

Farcana is the blockchain-based gaming metaverse. Game lore takes place on Mars, when Earth’s resources are stretching, mankind starts sending expeditions to the red planet and fighting for Infilium, the most powerful energy source, found in the Galaxy.

Farcana is the first high-quality immersive shooter game with a Bitcoin prize pool backed by the stable economic model — Play-to-Hash (P2H), patented in the US. Play-to-Hash is backed by the real-world economy and mining data centers, resulting in more stability and transparency than the classic Play-to-Earn market can offer. Farcana Labs, the scientific and engineering arm of Farcana, produces and offers AI solutions and wearables to the gaming industry for upgrading the gaming experience and forming a complete setup of gamers’ data portfolios.

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Farcana game is a shooter with battle royale mode, where the players will seek to start a new life on terraformed Mars and earn Infilium — the most powerful resource in the Galaxy to create disruptive technologies and mine Bitcoin with extra speed.

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Blockchain-based game with original Play-to-Hash model, real Bitcoin prize pool and regular tournaments