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Farcana team visited the hub of Web3 adoption — the Philippine Web3 Festival

Hey, Farcana community!

Last week brought us a great chance to meet the global Web3 community in the heart of GameFi, eSports and blockchain adoption. We can’t wait to share our impressions about Farcana’s presence at the Philippine Web3 Festival and why this event was a blast for the entire industry.

From the 14th to the 18th of November, Manila welcomed leaders in Blockchain Gaming, DeFi, eSports, VCs and Web3 technologies — you could meet Binance, Polygon, Huawei, YGG, and OKC to name a few along with many other giants and rising stars in GameFi and crypto. We were honored to have been a part of this celebration that brought together players, builders, and investors in front of an engaged Web3 audience.

A responsive and enthusiastic community

Islam Shazhaev, Chief Business Development Officer at Farcana (yes, this is the charismatic guy on the cover page of this article, e-meet Islam on LinkedIn) named the PHWeb3Fest “the most relevant gathering of industry leaders and game-changers”. For Farcana, it is our first time demonstrating our game in Asia, and our team was overwhelmed by the positive feedback collected during the public’s testing of the game at our booth.

Farcana’s booth at the Philippine Web3 Festival

Farcana’s booth was flocked by hundreds of visitors ranging from gamers, guild members to investors. They were all unanimously impressed by the game’s progress and how smooth our gameplay felt. The Farcana team had almost no pause in communications, the crowd kept pilling around our booth, wanting to speak to our team members.

So what is the feedback?

We showcased our gameplay live for the first time to fantastic communities such as YGG, YGG SEA, IndiGG, PathDAO, BreederDao, Playdex, and many many more. Overall, we were happy to receive tons of kind words on Farcana’s graphics, lore and game economy from almost every person we interacted with!

Mr. Mario Marcos, a distinguished guest, stopped by the Farcana booth and was fascinated by the various technological devices that Farcana Labs had to offer, and highlighted the importance of medical progress by collecting AI data to battle neurodegenerative diseases.

Mr. Mario Marcos and Dr. Dimitry Mihaylov, Chief Scientific Officer of Farcana, testing the Farcana game

Among the top features of the game demo, the visitors of Farcana’s booth noted:

  • Smooth and quality gameplay,
  • Unreal Engine 5,
  • Play-to-Hash empowered prize pool,
  • Mobile support,
  • Variety of maps.

By the second day of the conference, the word on Farcana has spread, leading to more people visiting us and learning about our game. Our gaming laptops were running around the clock.

Game empowered by science

Dr. Dmitry Myhailov, Chief Scientific Officer at Farcana, visiting lecturer at the National University of Singapore and Head of Farcana Labs, was a keynote speaker on science and AI in the gaming industry on the panel session among unicorn companies.

Dr. Mihaylov reflected on the social responsibility of game development companies and how AI and big data technologies could be seeded and collected in gaming and flourish in the area of healthcare, biotech, psychotherapy and even biohacking.

Dr. Myhailov demonstrating the Farcana glove

Dr. Myhailov shared the use cases of in-game maps in Farcana metaverse, AI data collection and its distribution, and demonstrated the set of own smart gadgets for deepening the immersive experience, resulting in tons of people coming to the booth and asking about the Farcana Labs’ devices.

“Web3 and metaverse are the unique environments for sharing and collecting big data in a responsible way, and every gamer can monetize it. We are seeking to breathe life into the meaning of Web3 gaming and make it socially responsible but not fun and profit only,” said Dr. Mihaylov.

Meanwhile, Islam attended the panel debate, where he answered various questions regarding the future of GameFi and crypto. Towards the end of the day, we attended a special “quick pitching event” where a number of VCs selected us to pitch to them in a style of quick 10-minute rounds, which most of the VCs decided they wanted to take more time and wanted documentation forwarded to them online.

Huge thanks …

Shout out to the hosts of the festival and the side events, extra special thanks to those that came to try our game and gave us feedback! We appreciate all of the comments, the majority of which were very positive:

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