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Farcana’s Revolutionary NFT Land System: distributing ownership to gamers

Almost every gaming business model revolves around returning most of the revenue to a project. Far from the conventional Play-to-Earn economy, Farcana creates a completely decentralized ownership structure that rewards not only wealthy stakeholders but also the community and individual players.

What are NFT Lands and where is the revolution here?

Lands in Farcana act as a license for its owners to host tournaments on their territory. Land Owners can stake $FAR tokens and thus unlock an ability to fully customize their lands and obtain land assets from the marketplace. There is no limit to the number of unique battlefields designed to attract new players. Farcana initially dedicated lands to gaming guilds and strategic partners as part of its token sale, with the option to break the lands into parcels and sell them to their respective communities later.

With this, Farcana has achieved innovation with its in-game economy and business model. Each land is assigned an amount of hash rate, ensuring a consistent reward flow for gaming communities or guilds that are active in the game.

Therefore, Farcana’s hash rate is pledged and distributed amongst NFT Land Owners. Land Owners with autonomy over managing their land can then distribute the incentive to active players on their lands.

Farcana’s Youtube: https://youtu.be/YgA1ZLsTqNQ

Land Owners are incentivized to distribute their Bitcoin hash rate for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Attract more players leads to faster leveling of their land;
  • Higher-level lands receive more hash rate;
  • More demand for advertisement space on respected lands;
  • More items are being purchased on the market, generating revenue for landowners;
  • An increase in the frequency of tournaments.

How do Land Owners benefit?

Lands in Farcana are fully customizable by the Land Owners. However, there is a pre-requisite, Land Owners will need to stake their $FAR tokens staked and purchase assets — depending on the amount, they can design unique battlefields on their lands to attract more players.

The lands gradually accumulate XP points based on the number of players participating. In exchange, they receive a larger proportion of the hash pool. Land Owners also have the ability to purchase more hash rate from Farcana, and delegate this to their land.

Some of the key advantages for Land Owners in Farcana include:

  • Land Owners are receiving a special tab under the marketplace where they will be able to sell their custom guild skin NFTs — with most of the royalties going back to them.
  • A portion of revenue from the Farcana default marketplace goes toward Land Owners.
  • A big part of the Marketplace revenue flows back into the hash pool, which gets distributed to Land Owners.
  • Land Owners are able to sell vacant spaces and billboards to third-party for marketing purposes.

Check out how it works in the battleground for two heavyweight guilds, YGG and IndiGG:

Farcana’s Youtube: https://youtu.be/YgA1ZLsTqNQ

Decentralized ownership and scaling the benefits for players

Simply put, more game activity on a particular piece of land will result in a larger prize pool and more revenue returned to both the land operator and the land parcel owner. The more players play on their land, the more in-game transactions take place, the quicker their asset scales and acquires more hash rate for their user base.

This way, Farcana brings a win-win solution for Land Owners and individual players. Players enjoy the options of Play-to-Own benefits supported by the Play-to-Hash mechanism.

Farcana’s Youtube: https://youtu.be/YgA1ZLsTqNQ

About Farcana

Farcana is an immersive shooter game built on blockchain and Unreal Engine 5. The game lore takes place on Mars, where the Earth’s resources are depleting, and mankind sent expeditions to the Red Planet to hunt for Infilium, a powerful and scarce energy source.

Farcana offers a Bitcoin-backed prize pool regulated by a stable Play-to-Hash (P2H) economic model patented in the US. P2H offers gamers more transparency than the conventional Play-to-Earn model.

Farcana Labs, the scientific and engineering arm of Farcana, supplies AI solutions and wearable hardware to the gaming industry. Farcana’s innovations offer players a more immersive and intuitive gaming experience.

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Farcana game is a shooter with battle royale mode, where the players will seek to start a new life on terraformed Mars and earn Infilium — the most powerful resource in the Galaxy to create disruptive technologies and mine Bitcoin with extra speed.

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