The Farmcity Model

Our Goals

  1. To increase access to nutritious vegetables for everyone.
  2. Set up a fair system for producers and consumers alike, even if it means questioning the status quo.
  3. Develop a model that can be easily implemented by others, regardless of their prior experience in agriculture.

What Is The FarmCity Model ?

FarmCity is a farming model that is commercially viable, environmentally sustainable and socially conscious. It consists of 3 components — The Greenhouse, The Farm and The Community. Our set of methodical standards ensures that anyone can operate a FarmCity, regardless of agricultural experience and without compromising on quality.

For more information on each component, visit:

How Does That Work Exactly?

The TropicBird greenhouse offers crops an optimum environment to flourish in. This proprietary greenhouse was built specifically for the tropics, so it captures rainwater, passively ventilates heat and is able to withstand strong wind gusts. Beyond the confines of the greenhouse, a bio-integrated farm surrounding the TropicBird enhances insect, weed and disease control, all without the use of toxic chemicals. Finally, to ensure that each FarmCity remains a farm run by the community, for the community, we always insist on hiring from the locality, sourcing locally as far as possible for our inputs, and delivering our harvests direct to our consumers. Like cogs in a wheel, every component has a part to play in enabling a holistic approach to building modern farms for healthier communities.

Left : FarmCity apiculture , Middle: Photo by Autopots, Right: FarmCity brainstorm session

Why Are Farmcity Farms Different?

Our farms are designed to appeal to a new generation of farmers - a generation just as passionate about technology as they are in sustainability, a generation that truly cares for the environment and respects its biodiversity, a generation built on trust and not afraid to be open and transparent in how they operate, and a generation that wants to contribute to the betterment of our planet and its people.

Here are 10 unique features that make our farms different:

  1. An organised, clean and pleasant environment to work in
  2. Exciting space for agripreneurs to testbed new ideas
  3. Use of natural and sustainable farming techniques
  4. Commitment to waste reduction: food and green waste transformed into fertilizer
  5. An efficient distribution system that leverages community and technology
  6. Employability: for young and old alike
  7. A community space to run events, training, and talks.
  8. Farmcity economic justice: A fair distribution of wealth and profit sharing among all our staff
  9. Low energy consumption: We use a gravity powered irrigation system.
  10. Low water consumption.: The plants consume only what they need, no waste from ‘guesstimation irrigation’.

Farmcity Partner Farms

What Is A Partner Farm?

A partner farm is one that shares our vision of modern farms for healthier communities. We are serious about increasing access to nutritious food for everybody, and rather than going at it ourselves, we know we can achieve that goal a whole lot faster with partners. We have had interest from hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, schools and estate developers who want to integrate FarmCity on their properties, and bring nutritious food closer to their clients. Perhaps you have a piece of land you don’t quite know what to do with, or are looking for a meaningful investment that is both financially and socially impactful, come speak with us!

How Can I Become A Partner Farm?

Anyone can become a partner by simply getting in touch with us. When a potential partner shows interest in building a farm in their community, we meet with the partner to get a better understanding of their needs - for instance the area under cultivation, location, type of crops, etc. We also give an introduction into FarmCity’s model and provide an overview of the standards all partners are required to meet.

Assuming both parties are agreeable, an agreement is drafted between us and the partner. This details among others, the number of greenhouses, irrigation system, timeline of project development, guidelines to follow, training required, and a yearly partner fee. This agreement will accord the partner the license to use FarmCity’s brand, technology, greenhouse engineering and design, irrigation system, seeds, natural inputs and also leverage on FarmCity’s distribution network.

The diagram below illustrates the key stages to build a Farmcity in your community:

Partner Farms Process

In order to keep the same standard in each country we set up in, we first build a model farm - a farm run by ourselves. The model farm then serves as a source of guidance for all partner farms.

Each model farm will run our training programs, sell our natural inputs, seeds and educate the public at large about healthy diet through various talks and events.

Farmcity will become a space where innovation happens, where technology and nature are in harmony with each other; a space where youths will discover new opportunities in farming naturally. Most importantly, this will be where good food is grown for healthier communities.

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