Fasal Impact Stories

It’s been 4 months since Fasal is live and serving the farmers of this nation. We are running 6 pilots across 2 states of India and focusing on Vineyards and Horticulture for now. Our first pilot customer who believed in us is no other than Mr. Manjunath, VP of Grover Zampa vineyards, a master of viticulture. In Jan 2018, we expanded to 5 more pilots in Chattisgarh and covered major vegetable crops. Today, the entire Fasal team is humbled to see the impact which Fasal has made so far. We are full of energy and excitements to help farmers grow more and grow better. Some impact stories made by Fasal —

One of the largest vineyards of India, Grover Zampa, has improved the quality of wine grapes by maintaining required water stress level in soil at the primary and secondary root zone.

One of the influential vegetable farmer and horticulture consultant Mr. Bhupendra from Durg city came to know that he has been irrigating excessively on his farm where water is a scarcity. He is now saving 50% on irrigation cost (water, electricity, motor wear-tear, labor, time etc.). He is also able to maintain a specific water tension in the soil so that the crops can intake maximum of fertilizers. He was also successful in saving his bottle gourd crop from Powdery Mildew disease by taking preventive spray much before it actually harms the crop by the disease prediction feature of Fasal.

Horticulture Consultant Mr. Bhupendra’s Testimony after using Fasal for 2 Months

Another farmer growing eggplant did not believe the night temperature in his farm goes as below as 3 degree celsius, Eggplant ceases to grow in this condition.

Deepesh Taunk, the vegetable farmer, and mentor to many talks about ‘Fasal’

Another farmer from Raipur, now knows that his land is not suitable for growing cucurbit because of soil temperature needs and he doesn’t waste time and money on cucurbit anymore and grows other crops.

Soil temperature and Soil moisture at Primary and Secondary root zone

We are overwhelmed with the responses and queries we have received so far and we are on a mission to make sure Fasal reaches to every farmer of this nation and beyond.

Grow More, Grow Better with Fasal.