Introducing Fasal

Founding Fasal is not a milestone or a moment in our lives, It’s an emotion which has started flowing within us, touching many hearts and creating many stories along the way.

Fasal has come out as result of merger between minds of Engineers (literally and otherwise) and incredible, vast and untapped experience of the farmers with a mission to — Increase and improve the quality of per acre yield.

When someone asks me about Fasal and what it does, I try to explain it in words or try to give a simpler definition but truly it is much more than that. Let me a take different approach here to introduce Fasal to you -

We all do take very good care of our bodies. Don’t we?
If we fall sick or feel down, we immediately go meet our doctor. Doctor listens to us, observes us, uses his stethoscope, writes some lab tests, if needed, and finally after seeing all the results, writes a prescription for us. And we believe in them, take prescription and we get well.

Do you ever believe a doctor who doesn’t have a stethoscope at all? Who does not make observations keenly? Who does not hears all the symptoms intently?

Would you trust the doctors if they gave prescription without careful observation, without primary investigation, without checking the rudimentary vitals?

I won’t certainly! We are very cautious about our body and if needed we take multiple opinions from various doctors before following any prescription or procedure.

Now consider this and think about plants. They are living beings too. They get sick and suffer from disease. Who is the doctor?

Farmers take care of crops, they know when to sow, when to prune, when is the right time to irrigate. If you are a grower, you are both the mother and the doctor of your crop. But do you make decisions by observing data or do you take guesswork based decisions? If your doctor does guesswork prescription, will you ever go to them?

So what growers need is — an excellent stethoscope which provides them the data and observations to make informed decision about their crop and take guesswork out of farming. Thats exactly what Fasal does.

Fasal enables farmers in becoming better mothers and doctors of their crops. Fasal adds value to your farming practises by giving you data and analytics (read the ‘tests’, will you?). Fasal enables farmers utilise their knowledge and practises better.

If you are a farmers, Fasal can help you in deciding when to irrigate and how much will be the best amount to irrigate with. It helps you save water, electricity, motor wear tear and also helps you maintain a good health of your crop.

Fasal helps you plan your sowing and harvesting time so you could take maximum advantage of climatic conditions. Fasal tells you if there is possibility of disease outbreak, so you can take preventive actions and save your land for excessive use of harmful chemicals and your crop from disease.

And all the information is available to you at any time and on any device. You as a grower can spend more time with your family, you don’t need to wake up during long nights to watch for your farm when Fasal is there watching your farm 24x7.

Fasal helps you Grow Smart and Grow More.

Sharing few stories Fasal has created so far -

Picture tells a thousand stories…

A short testimony — how Fasal is impacting lives of growers in its own humble ways —

Deepesh Taunk (Progressive grower of Chattisgarh)