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Upcoming South Asian Fashion Trends

Featured Collection of Asim Jofa in 2017, with ready to wear and stitched articles.
2017 was somewhat expected to revamp Fashion & Styles of South Asian attires, but the fate of South Asian fashion industry was already sealed in the midst of 2016. With the Colors selected & 90's era of fashion to be followed all around the globe. 2017 brought somewhat minor yet coaxing changes in South Asian Countries. The diversity in culture and traditions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other South Asian countries gave an edge to various Brands and Designers. With unique perception and unorthodox-ed pool of dexterity, Designers were able to keep up with precipitant recasts in Fashion trends occurring worldwide.

Whats In!

For Style Geeks (The Summers)
Oversized bags:
Bags get bigger, really bigger to an exaggerated degree. Don’t be surprised if you spot them on the streets and airports very soon, for they can hold anything and everything you need.
Shades of yellow:
Looking forward to wear a happy color this summer? Then go all out with yellow whether it’s stripes, solids or ruffles. And no matter what your skin tone is, there a shade of yellow for everyone.
Slit sleeves:
Flared sleeves make way for slit sleeves this year. They are taking over denim jackets, feminine tops, maxi dresses and button-downs too. Here’s a pro tip: stock up on some bracelets and bangles to play up this fresh off the runway style.
Girls who love the height but hate the heels, it’s time to rejoice. The most comfortable heel style Flatform is back in vogue. From strappy ones to creepers, from classy to chunky, the possibilities of wearing them this season are endless.

For traditional Owls (2017)

Its 90’s rule! Desire and live up with

Kaili Yun Wali
Mareena Craipe
Bell Bottoms
Medium Thigh Length Shirts
Ghagra Choli
Shalwar Kameez Dupatta
Punjabi Suit
Rajasthani Saarhi
Cigarette Trousers
& much more …

For Lawn Seekers (The Summers)
Asim Jofa’s Summer Collection 2017.

Asim Jofa, Gul Ahmed, Sana Safinaz, Warda, Nadia Hussain, Firdous Lawn, Bareeze Lawn, Khaadi, Kayseria, Sapphire & Al Karam, these names need no introduction. To satisfy the utmost hunger of their clientele all these brands are giving their all-in effort more than ever, both in prices & quality. But the spotlight is on Asim Jofa’s Luxury Collection.

For Hijaab Lovers!

The Phenomenal Hijaab is not a left-out. As the diversity in cultures tends toward modernism in 2017 more than ever. Hijaabs are the new portrayal of elegance with decency.

Pashmina Hijaab
Pashmina Hijaab is among the best hijaab versions worldwide. This type of hijaab consists of an easy, comfortable substance like cotton, coloration mixtures with Asia or Arabian styles and tassel around the edges.
Turkish Hijaab
A Turkish hijaab is a covering up put on by Islamic women. Hijaab talks not of an actual veil, but instead of a religious one, a curtain by the ones that security is shielded. Turkish ladies have a few of the more exclusive and amazing styles of putting on it.
Muslim Hijaab
Muslim hijaab is a code of dress proscribing humility for both men & feminine. Hijaab calls from within the entire body with simple, free-appropriate garments, besides for the face and the fingers.
Contemporary Hijaab (Wedding Style)
A wedding hijaab styles both a brain masking and a fashion of dress used mainly in the Muslim neighborhoods. Wedding hijaab style is simple and includes the hair, throat, ear and upper body. Hijaab can observe both the tradition of the husbands and wives.
Arabic Hijaab
Arabic Hijaab can recommend to the training of small dress by Islamic women used to include the brain, chest and neck area used by Muslim women.

Follow up!

2017 will be both a thrill & a style ride for the peeps in South Asia. All the styles of 90’s, shades of Pantone, joys of springs/ warmth of summers/ silhouettes of autmn/ chills of winters, will unfold in 2017. Try to keep up FOLKS!

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