Hotel Bars: Part II

The hotel bar obsession continues and with good reason. And this time I take you on a journey to London and Paris, where my travels led me right through the lobby of hotels I shouldn’t be in, to bars that just felt so right.


THE BEAUFORT- At The Savoy hotel

Inside The Beaufort bar at the back of the hotel lobby.
My aunt’s champagne cocktail came with a fogging rose. Don’t be jealous.

As you move through the turnstile into The Savoy lobby, you can’t help but notice the quintessential English decor. Beautiful black and white checkered floors and dark mahogany paneling, not to mention an intriguing gentleman lounging, that looked exactly like the most interesting man alive. Also, side note, I think the next James Bond movie should be filmed here, if the location scouter is looking for ideas: #007 #jamesbond.

The Savoy was my first intercontinental high end hotel that I just let myself stroll into. Which meant that I was on high alert for every detail and nuance that came my way.

And let me tell you, the waiter knew it. I asked him so many questions and he told me about the people that could afford to live at The Savoy and those that went so often to get a drink that they ended up getting married there.

Did I mention the pianist playing in the background? Basically all 5 senses were ignited as I drank some sparkling rose (it’s summer time, don’t judge me), listened to music and analyzed every facet of the room. Even the bathroom was so beautiful I almost cried.

THE RITZ (London)

Notice the olives to the left? Its like every place gives you olives when you order a drink! I now love olives.

Outside The Ritz there was literally a door man that would just greet people that walked by The Ritz, let alone, going inside it! That was his job! He made everyone that was even near the building feel important and special. Let’s send him happy vibes from across the sea ;)

With beautiful Parisian decor and mirrored walls, my aunt and I plopped our butts down in the main drag of the lobby. Perfect for people watching and feeling as fabulous as the decor. I don’t remember what my drink tasted like, but who cares, I remember everything else!

Also, again, there was a singer in a white dress and a pianist just setting the mood for this special evening. What is with hotels and being magical!?



Stock photo, just so you can get the vibes I am describing below.
Beautiful entry way to the bar.

Why wasn’t I wearing a gown for this!? This place was beyond upscale. I think I took more pictures of the lobby than the actual bar. I mean, how can you not when there is a gold stair case and marble floors?

1. Olives to the left (just making sure you noticed) 2. Ok the attention to detail, even of the wine glass, I mean, gorgeous.

THE RITZ (Paris)

Stock photo of the lobby because I didn’t want to look too much like a tourist for my first time there :/

Walking through the lobby you couldn’t help but feel the energy of the people that came before you. With decadent dark blue velvet chairs and gold trimmings and obnoxiously large oversized curtains to soften the space. Learn more about The Ritz’s rich and lavish history here.

The hotel has 3 different locations to grab a drink, so we decided, since it was the most beautiful day out, to grab drinks in the courtyard.

While the sun was setting, we drank wine, ate lots of olives and breathed in the beautifully groomed plants and perfectly mowed grass and contemplated why it took us so long to ever go to Paris! Also, see picture below to look in astonishment at the very groomed/flat trees!

Place Vendome with Hotel to the left with the white awnings
Courtyard drinks. Olives hidden behind the wine glass. The bathroom details (so important)

Side story:

There was a wonderful moment while we were grabbing wine in the courtyard that had us laughing for days afterwards. We look over to the entrance of the courtyard and there is a beautiful woman standing really still and looking up towards the sky and holding a Chanel purse strategically as if the purse needed to be photographed. My aunt and I thought she was a mannequin that was placed outside. Like she held still for so long. And had beautiful porcelain skin. It was amazing.

What a wonderful experience to sit in some of these hotels and feel the pure decadence of the decor. And now I need to go back to frequenting regular bar/pubs since hotel drink prices are crazy…. but crazy worth it.

Do you yearn for a solid well decorated bar like I do? Then tell me tell me your all time favorite hotel bars!

While writing this blog post it came to my attention that The Savoy was originally established by the same people that started The Ritz in Paris. That is purely coincidental and I was definitely not on a Ritz bender ;)



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