Swimwear brand: 3 Reasons to implement the 3D Virtual Fitting Room on your website

How Infime’s tech works for online swimwear brands

As an online retailer, you know the pain of bad purchases. In fact, Infime was built out of that pain. In its beginning as an online lingerie retailer, Infime was making sales left and right until one day, everyone seemed to be calling upset about the way their purchases fit. So, instead of offering their customers more product that fit incorrectly, Inbar Carmel the owners of Infime decided to come up with a solution.

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Infimé is an online virtual try-on system that simulates the dressing room experience right on the computer, tablet or phone screen. In order to use Infimé, a shopper simply has to input their measurements, choose the style of swimsuit they want to try on, and the rest is history. With this easy process, shoppers will be able to see exactly what the pieces look like on their body.

Still not sure if Infimé is right for your store? Here are three reasons to incorporate it into your website today.

Data Analytics

The key to being a great retailer is knowing your customers. And, with Infimé technology you can do just that. All of your customer’s measurements and data will be transferred to you, so you can see what kind of people are buying which products. Furthermore, the data you receive can help you to determine future product choices and success for your store.

More Engagement

If users stay on your webpage longer, it is likely they are having a good experience. If they are having a good experience they are more likely to make a purchase. In testing, websites who used Infimé saw users stay up to 30% longer than websites that did not. That’s a lot of happy customers!

Easy Integration

No need to worry about integrating Infime into your website, because it has been developed to be easily integrated into every platform. All you need to do is inquire on the Infimé website today for your free tutorial and decide when you want to get started.

For more info: http://infime.tech