I bought 3 Bodysuits at $15 a POP!

My obsession with bodysuits is TOO real — I’ve talked about them quite a bit in previous posts. Something I’ve been interested in is trying to find bodysuits that look/feel good and won’t burn a hole in your wallet!

Whenever I shop, I’m always looking for sale items, so writing this piece is interesting for me. Why? Well, bodysuits I’ve purchased in the past have usually always been at full retail price. SAY WHAT? I know, I’m surprised too. I usually purchase mine at American Apparel (a lot of my faves are from here) and I’ve also purchased a few from Gypsy Warrior (no longer in business). Make no mistake, I am COMPLETELY happy with my bodysuits from these establishments, but hey, I’m a girl on a BUDGET! #whocanrelate 🙋🏻 So let’s check out some of these bodysuits I purchased from none other than dun dun DUN….


Body Suit numero uno!

Okay, first of all…ya girl bought a PINK bodysuit! Yes, shocker! Definitely not a color I wear a lot. I probably have one other pink item in my closet — I’m trying to broaden by horizons though! So let’s chat about this little number by Sunro: besides it being the color tickle me pink, when I first took this out of the box, I took one look and KNEW it was going to be too big on me. The pictures sure do make it look good though, I have to say! My boy does a great job with that as always, thanks babe! I really wish this bodysuit worked out because the material is SO soft, and would you just look at that criss-cross on the back?! Sadly, it was too big (which you could tell by the sleeves), so I had no choice, but to send it back! WOMP!

Bodysuit Numero Dos, by Dasbayla!

UGH, the pictures really do make this bodysuit look A LOT better than what it felt like. Some positives: I love that it’s off the shoulder, and it actually probably would have stayed nice as well; I also love the material — it was soft with a little bit of shine. Unfortunately, pulling this out of the box left me with a similar feeling I had with the pink bodysuit! Sure enough, my gut feeling was proven to be right. It was just a tad too big. ☹️ I also didn’t like how long the top ruffle hung down. I kept thinking, “is there anyway I could make this work?” I had a tough time with this one, honestly — torn between keeping and sending it back, but ultimately, my motto is that if you’re not COMPLETELY in love with it, SEND IT BACK! Nine times out of ten, a piece I’m not SO into will stay hanging in my closet collecting dust.


Ya know “Goldilocks and the Three Bears?” Yeah, that was me with these 3 bodysuits — LOL. Last, but certainly not least, we have this lovely red wine colored bodysuit by Doublju. When I first took this out of the box, I’ll admit I was discouraged, because it looked like it didn’t have much shape to it. Looks can be deceiving, my friends! This bodysuit fits like a glove! I’m in love with the color, and the cross in the front is perfect and unique from just a scoop or v-neck. Check out the 3/4 sleeves too! I don’t really have much on the negative side for this one, BUT I will have to let you know how I feel after wearing it for a day — I was reading some reviews and others have noted that the bottom snap closure isn’t the MOST comfortable!

All in all, I’m happy it wasn't a complete lose-lose situation. I was able to hold onto one bodysuit for a great price! Happy to know I could turn to amazon for a great deal and product! Just remember this little jingle when you shop online: If you’re ever in a bind, you can’t go wrong with Amazon Prime!

Fashionablee yours ❤


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