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Behind the Platform — Get to Know FashionGo

As the leading online B2B wholesale marketplace that connects the industry while delivering efficient, innovative, and smart solutions for both vendors and retail buyers, we often get questions on behind the scenes of FashionGo. We are heavily invested in understanding our users as well as deploying the right technological solutions to support the detailed intricate business workings and operations of this industry. To achieve a great feat, FashionGo values strong teamwork, solid work ethics, and empowering decision making to innovate and bring the highest quality features that make our platform the #1 online wholesale destination for our retail buyers and vendors alike.

FashionGo has been growing both our marketplace and our teams. Inside FashionGo, we are comprised of many teams identifying and understanding the challenges of our buyers and vendors to deliver successful and secure ways to maximize their business opportunities. From our customer facing departments such as Vendor Management, Buyer Intelligence, Product teams (UX and UI Design), development teams and many more, everyone has an impact to the success of FashionGo.

Products and services usually begin with the product teams. Frontend design and features are what makes the FashionGo buying and selling experience meaningful for both buyers and vendors. Our product champions (product managers, UX) along with business analysts, and design teams (UI) strategically develop new services and redesign existing features through wire-frames, mockups, and prototypes to deliver a greater overall experience to users on both web and mobile. This is a growing team, in fact, we are hiring UX and Business Analysts.

Though, before a service is offered on FashionGo, the most important part is actually understanding how it will be beneficial to our customers. Our Marketing, Customer Service, Vendor Management and Buyer Intelligence teams work intimately with our customers to get feedback, insight, and data to support our business and product teams to continually optimize and improve on features.

Protecting buyers and vendors on our platform is one of our highest priorities to ensure a seamless transaction. In order to have FashionGo as the most reliable and trusted platform, we have a dedicated team that works and investigates claims tied to risk, fraudulent activities, and security.

Our Business Development team plans and operates FashionGo services, important initiatives, analyzing data to improve and grow the experiences and value of FashionGo.

All of this would not be possible without carefully planned technology infrastructure, tested, built, and controlled by our Development team. Our expansive development and engineer teams implement ideas, models, and policies into solutions. From front end, back end, API, DB infrastructure, to site reliability engineering team, we have team members working and collaborating in the US and Korea to deliver a truly responsive and around the clock platform updates. Our development teams are always growing and hiring.

Building Success with FashionGo — What Employees Experience is Like.

What Keeps You Excited Working at FashionGo?

Marlena Lu: FashionGo invests in the growth of its employees on a professional and personal level. During my time with the company, I have gained invaluable experience in my career and built strong connections with talented professionals. I love that the company provides ample opportunity for development, rich benefits for incentive, and recognition for hard work and dedication. I am very grateful for my experience with FashionGo!

Katy Yoon: FashionGo always gives me a lot of challenges. It makes me happy to see the progress of new projects, better quality work, but more than anything else, always with good people. (they are the best coworkers I have ever met.)

What are Some Challenges You’ve Faced in your Position?

Hailey Koart With any company, there will be challenges on an individual, team, and organizational level. We are all trying to accomplish a common goal, where there can be different visions, styles, and personalities involved. I feel that I have overcome these challenges by being transparent, adaptable, and open for collaboration.

What are Some Tips you have for Newcomers to FashionGo?

Stella Kim: It is very important to put your own thought into your projects but also to always think about what the company expects and is looking for. Thinking ahead and giving out suggestions for company improvement is also a great way to succeed at FashionGo!

Joining the Team

We’re grateful for all the bright minds that’s driving new innovations to our platform and excited for future teammates. If you’re excited to make an impact and progress in your career at FashionGo, check out the latest job openings hereand follow us on Linkedin for updates.



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