Introducing FashionGo’s The Premier Program

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2 min readMar 9, 2023


In the world of online retail, staying ahead of the competition is crucial, and FashionGo is taking this challenge head-on with its newest program, The Premier. The Premier is a highly curated program designed specifically for the top buyers on the FashionGo platform.

While The Premier has been in operation for the past two years, FashionGo is set to officially announce this structured program in 2023, complete with exclusive services and benefits for its top buyers. The goal of The Premier Program is to deliver unmatched concierge services through a designated Account Manager for each TP buyer and other exclusive benefits such as VIP events, customized reporting tools on FashionGo, discounts through FG coupons, and much more.

Beyond just a marketplace driven by technology, our platform is also a business tool and resource hub in which both retailers and wholesale brands; no matter their size, can come to and find valuable insights and information to make actionable decisions to grow their business. With the announcement of FashionGo’s The Premier Program, our mission to support the retailer’s success will remain a top priority by making their retail buying journey as frictionless as possible heading into a turbulent retail climate in 2023.

The Premier Buyer Benefits Include:

Dedicated account manager

Customized reporting tools

Earn up to $1000 in FG Coupons

Business insights and industry news

Exclusive access to events and chances win prizes

Early access to events and promotions

Seasonal appreciation gifts

The Premier program is operated by FashionGo’s Buyer Intelligence team which strives to improve buyers’ experience on FashionGo by better serving the needs of their business. Please contact Buyer Intelligence with any questions. Email:

For more details on The Premier visit here