“Join Us Live” for FashionGo Week (Feb 8 — Feb 12)

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3 min readFeb 3, 2021


The new season is officially in full swing and we’re excited to kick off this year’s FashionGo Week on February 8. This upcoming event themes will be focused on creating more opportunities for vendors and retailers to connect, discover new arrivals at the best prices, and make informed purchasing decisions. For our second FashionGo Week, we are proud to introduce for the first time “Join Us Live” — a daily live show experience where attendees can watch vendors showcase the newest styles as well as bestsellers while interacting via chat, and shop the items featured in the live show all in real-time. Over 40 vendors in apparel, accessories, and footwear will be going live from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM PST every day from February 8 to February 12. Vendors will also be offering special promotions including free shipping and show exclusive discounts.

FashionGo Week is free to attend for all registered retailers. Not registered on FashionGo? Register here.

What is Join Us Live?

Join Us Live will connect new and existing buyers and vendors through a free and seamless Livestream experience. Attendees will be able to watch their favorite vendors host live shows showcasing their newest season styles and answer questions from viewers. Each vendor will have up to about 30-minute Livestream sessions scheduled throughout the event. During each Livestream, showcased styles will be viewable under “Items on Air” where attendees can instantly click on styles to add-to-cart or find more details on product images, colors, and pack quantities.

Join Us Live allows retailers to connect with vendors instantly while discovering new arrivals and season’s bestsellers at the best prices. Retailers can watch, chat in real-time, and shop all at the same time, bringing some of the most valuable physical trade show experiences to life in a digital format.

Connect Instantly — Watch + Chat

Understanding both the products and vendors is a key element to make a purchase. Through the new daily live show, Join Us Live, attendees will be able to ask any product or brand-related questions within the live chat bar as vendors are showcasing their styles on air. Live shows will be available to view on both desktop and mobile, allowing easy access to favorite vendors no matter where viewers are. Additionally, all live shows will be archived for retailers to watch again or replay a missed show.

Items on Air — Shop

Join Us Live will also complete the seamless in-person purchasing vs trade show experience with “Items on Air” — a live product feed of items on-air that allows attendees to shop the styles featured with convenience, speed, and efficiency. Each style that is showcased will be highlighted in real-time as “Items on Air” directly below the Livestream where retailers can click on any featured items to be directed to the Item Details page where retailers can add the item to cart.

Join Us Live is an exciting and highly anticipated feature for our retailers and vendors. To see the full daily live show schedule, please visit: https://www.fashiongo.net/live-show/join-us-teaser

Over the next week, we will cover some key insight, trends, and meaningful promotions from FashionGo Week. To stay up to date on the latest on FashionGo Week and exclusive promotions, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list here.