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3 min readFeb 8, 2021


FashionGo Week, an online trade show for s/s 2021, starts today and goes on until Friday, February 12th @ 11:59 PM PST. Coming into day 1, we wanted to keep attendees up to date on special promotions and discounts that will be available throughout the event. With great deals and powerful platform tools, FashionGo Week will offer a seamless buying experience for retailers to make more informed purchasing decisions and save big on the vendors they love. Over 40 vendors will be participating in the Join Us Live livestreaming experience and we’ve compiled the best deals to start off strong for the new season.

Maximize Savings with FashionGo Week Promotions

We know the excitement that comes when finding a great deal. During FashionGo Week, top vendors and FashionGo exclusive vendors will be offering eye opening promotions on new arrivals styles. Instead of promotions and discounts offered on close to end-of-season items, vendors will offer promotions on new season arrivals and best sellers that are in stock and for pre-orders. We are so excited as this will help our retailers better strategize pricing and anticipate better operation costs. With this year’s FashionGo Week, free and instant access to new arrivals via daily live shows along with deals for bestsellers and the season’s new styles will give retailers an edge coming into the new season as they will be able to secure the best styles for the best prices. FashionGo Week will host 8 daily vendor live shows, with 40 vendors live shows in total during FashionGo week with select vendors offering promotions ranging from free shipping, discounts, special live deals, and up to 5X FashionGo Rewards Points. Keep in mind that some promotions will only apply to select items and/or require certain order minimums. All promotions will expire on the last day of the event; Feb 12 @ 11:59PM PST unless otherwise mentioned by vendors, some promotions may be valid only during the vendor livestreams, making it beneficial for retailers to schedule their show attendance times and days accordingly to get the best deals.

FashionGo & Vendor Hosted Promotions

Both shopping and saving will be a streamlined experience where retailers can easily add featured items and pack quantities through the “Items on Air” shopping feed and apply promo codes during checkout in the “Add FG Coupon” tab. To top off the excitement for this week even more, vendors will also be hosting special live deals during their live shows where attendees can participate through the live chat function.

We’re excited for all the new opportunities and relationships that will be made this week. Throughout the event, we will be covering key data insights for retailers to get a glimpse of the newest trends for the upcoming season as well as updates on the newest and best deals. To stay up to date on the latest on FashionGo Week and exclusive promotions, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list here.

Below is a list of vendors participating in Join Us Live as well as promotions offered this week.

Feb 8

Easel — Free shipping $1.00 w/ selected items new buyers only

Saachi — 10% off $175+ orders w/ selected items

JUST USA JEANS — Free shipping $200+ orders

Doe & Rae — Free shipping $300+ orders w/ selected items

ACCITY — 20% off $100+ orders

Feb 9

MARBLE — Free shipping $299+ orders

Papermoon — 10% off $25+ orders w/ selected items

Blue Blush — 5x FashionGo reward points

Sweet Lovely by Jen — 20% off $200+ orders w/ selected items

Feb 10

2.7 August Apparel — Free shipping $200+ new buyers only

Vibrant M.I.U. — 30% off $150 orders w/ selected items

Feb 11

Peach Love California — 10% off $200+ orders

LE LIS — Free shipping $699+ orders

Rae Mode — 10% off $200+ orders w/ selected items

Lovely Melody — Free shipping $400+ orders w/ selected items

Feb 12

Dress Forum — Free shipping $300+ orders w/ selected items

Coalition LA — 5x FashionGo reward points

Listicle — Free shipping $300+ orders

Oddi — Free shipping $299+ orders w/ selected items