Start the New Season with FashionGo Week (Feb 8 — Feb 12)

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3 min readJan 28, 2021


Building off the success of the first FashionGo Week last August, FashionGo Week will return to start the new Spring Summer season in 2021. Free to all retailers, FashionGo Week — a one-week online trade show event — will be held from Feb 8 — Feb 12. With many physical trade events still canceled due to the pandemic, FashionGo Week will continue to be the destination for B2B fashion wholesale to shop for the newest styles at the best prices while also connecting both buyers and vendors in a digital format. This year’s FashionGo Week will be offering new powerful platform tools to bring to life the trade show experience and help retailers optimize buying strategy through Join Us Live daily livestreams where retailers can chat and shop the showcased new arrivals real time. As always, FashionGo Week will also provide real time data on the event’s best sellers, and special big promotions every day on new arrival items. Check out all the details for this upcoming FashionGo Week here.

Last year’s FashionGo Week event, over 1,2000 vendors exhibited and saw retailers and vendors find the efficiency of online trade shows with benefits of procurement without with speed and ease. Our online B2B fashion wholesale marketplace has always served as the destination for new product procurement whether that be on or off season buying. The pandemic has accelerated many trends within the wholesale and B2B space. One of which being more retailers operating under a seasonless calendar, adapting digitization and data driven tools to make more informed purchasing decisions. These decisions primarily being procurement of not just the newest styles, but the newest styles at the best prices which is crucial for a retailer’s buying strategy.

Join Us Live

While for retailers, procuring stock is the goal at trade shows, the interpersonal-engagement between retailers and vendors is also an important element that will help retailers understand the vendor and brand better. Many retailers also establish new business relationships and strengthen existing ones at trade shows. Understanding this important aspect of B2B trade shows, FashionGo Week will be introducing a new feature called “Join Us Live” — a livestreaming experience where attendees will be able to watch daily live shows of vendors showcasing the newest arrivals, while asking questions or commenting via chat, and shop the showcased items in real time, all at the same time. Over 40 vendors are signed up already for the daily vendor lives on Join Us Live to showcase the newest styles in apparel, shoes, and accessories all week during FashionGo week from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM PST.

Check out the full vendor live schedule here.


FashionGo Week will offer show exclusive discounts and big special promotions on new arrival items and bestsellers alike. Retailers should maximize show promotions to stock up for S/S 2021 and beyond at the best prices.


FashionGo Week is free to attend for retailers. To register go to the Buyer Registration Form. From there you will receive an email verification code to confirm your FashionGo account which will allow you to attend FashionGo Week.

With new digital trends shaping a new normal for the B2B and wholesale-fashion space, the rise of digital trade shows has democratized the participation of trade shows by saving both retailers and vendors time and money. Although physical trade shows will soon make their return, we believe this new trend of digital trade shows and online marketplaces are here to stay and may operate in tandem with physical shows even after the world returns to “normalcy.”

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