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4 min readFeb 11, 2021


FashionGo always strives to be the B2B fashion wholesale online platform driven to provide informed buying decisions with powerful tools for retailers to better understand what is on trend in real time for a high sell through in the upcoming seasons. Coming into day 4 of FashionGo Week, we’re excited to share key insights from the event and trends retailers should note to create more opportunities for a successful season.

Trends for the New Season

Alongside many of the new features for this year’s FashionGo Week, “Best of Best” is a powerful tool that attendees can access to see the bestsellers for the S/S’21 season in real-time. During FashionGo Week, Best of Best will display S/S ’21 show items and styles that retailers can leverage to not only understand items that are being sold to create a thorough merchandising strategy. With over 1,400 vendors on FashionGo Week this February, it can be daunting to browse through a large selection in only a week. “Best of Best” will help streamline the buying decision process and showcase the best styles other attendees are purchasing.

With trends in mind, Last year, the rise of work-from-home apparel in loungewear ranging from comfy tees, sweaters, and sweatpants have been the hottest styles this past season. We noticed some parts of this trend that touches on casual looks continue to persist into the new season, but found variations for new styles that retailers are procuring.

Washed Denim

Vendor — Flying Monkey

Jeans are a timeless spring style that will always stay on trend whether it be for an outfit for going out or work-from-home. Jeans in particular have been trending throughout the event as retailers are anticipating customers to be ready for more casual wear with hopes that the economy will reopen and public gatherings will come back in 2021. Vendors like Flying Monkey and Cello are offering the trendiest denim styles ranging from high waisted jean shorts, distressed, and light washed jeans.

Jump into Jumpsuits

Vendor — Lush Clothing

A simple one-piece outfit is another way to look put together with minimal effort. Utility jumpsuits with pockets have been trending in FashionGo’s search this week with new S/S’21 styles offered by vendors such as Lush Clothing, Flying Tomato, BluIvy, and many more.

Comfy Tops

Vendor — La Miel

Tops have been a staple item in FashionGo year-round but with the convenience and comfort It never hurts to keep it simple and comfortable. As many are eager to wear more formal and casual outfits, others may still find that the work-from-home trend is right for them. Vendors such as La Miel, Hem & Thread, and Love Stitch offer versatile tops for outfits both work-from-home and casual wear.

Along with best sellers, keep in mind FashionGo Week promotions end on the last day of the event; Feb 12 @ 11:59PM PST. With only a few days left of the event, we want to make sure attendees don’t miss out on the golden opportunity for exclusive and special promotions from all-time favorite vendors.

This FashionGo Week has given us a lot of insight to what fashion trends may look like in a post-COVID world. The “Best of Best” feature will be another tool for retailers to use along with Style Match+ to properly strategize for the upcoming season as well as look for ways to save costs such as Volume Discounts and Consolidated Shipping to offer the best prices for shoppers as many anticipate greater retail demand once public gatherings return and the world returns to some normalcy.

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