Development Progress Update June 13, 2018| Kanban| Ambassador Program

The FAB Foundation provides technical updates related to the project every week.

Protections Against 51% Attack

The FAB Foundation engineering department has created new procedures and protections against a coordinated 51% attack and implemented them within the blockchain. 51% attacks are when bad actors within the mining network have 51% of the computing power of the network and can make consensus decisions by themselves. The FAB Foundation Chain is built to protect against this.

Wallets and Smart Contract Address Router

The team is in the process of redesigning our core wallets to interact with smart contracts. Development and implementation of this feature will begin next week in conjunction with an advanced Angular user interface and improvements to system data management.


Our official website address is

At present, the official website is undergoing a series of functional updates. Features such as improving performance, synchronizing languages, and creating ambassador pages have been completed last week. As of this week, help pages, manuals, and FAQs will be added.

Our next set of tasks include implementing an announcement page for ease of tracking progress, events, and special announcements, and implementing a new version of our roadmap onto our home page.

FAB Ambassador Program

The FAB Global Ambassador Program is currently open for applications. At present, we have received nearly 50 applications to join the program at home and abroad.

Our ambassador applicants have varied backgrounds in culture, location and skills along with a strong knowledge of blockchain. Ambassadors will lead the charge in growing the community and educating others about FAB. We are in the process of developing the full range of resources available to our ambassadors.

We welcome everyone to apply to join the program:

FABcoin Core Mac OS Wallet New Version

A new updated version of the FABcoin Core Mac OS Wallet has been created with easy installation. Many were finding it difficult to implement the previous Mac wallet so we have streamlined the process.

Download the Mac wallet here:

and watch the tutorial video here:


Current activities on the Web API include:

  • Change smart engine policies, associate data with databases.
  • Download data through a three-tier cache to add new WEB API methods. Allow departure of new data structures through the Real API, MONGO DATA, the third layer of buffer storage to achieve three-tier approach.
  • Test the network. The main network and test network plan will be conducted this week to detect the back-end smart contracts required in the previous stage.


Current activities include:

  • Creation of a new project- “Fabcoin in a box” to create a standalone currency network system and profile performance.
  • Deploying two test nodes on AWS. Separate the network: deploy DNS again, DNS Seed.

Mobile Wallet

The mobile wallet is undergoing a security framework improvement. At the same time, the mobile wallet has been tested and used by several small-scale users, and UI modifications have been made according to different user feedback.

At present, it is basically in a stable operation stage. To ensure the safety of the version when the software is officially released, the code will be reviewed and checked. After the test is completed, it will be officially launched. After the mobile wallet goes online, we will launch a series of prize activities at the same time.


The mining capacity was as high as 15 million units last week.

The new Ubuntu version of the mining software CUDA, has been updated at and can be viewed at any time for download. Instructions for use: Ubuntu 16.04 Nvidia with CUDA.

There is no pre-mining period for the foundation chain network and it is directly open for public use and mining. During the first three months, the new currency generated by the mining will be locked for three months. During this period, it will not be transferred or traded. It will be automatically unlocked three months. The first wave of unlocking is expected to be in June (after listing).

The lock-in system is designed to protect the interests of investors and prevent a large number of sell-offs after the listing. The lockout system is temporary. The current block time is the same as Bitcoin. The Bitcoin maturity period is 100 blocks during that time while the FAB network speed is eight times that of Bitcoin, so it is 800 blocks for the allotted time. Any future coins will take less than one day to mature.

The Fabcoin and Doxygen documentation are available at The source code has also been published on the Github website. You can visit to view it. Interested programmers are welcome to participate in the development and testing work. We are open to improvements.

Telegram: (CN)

Telegram: (EN)

Youtube: Fab Coin Info






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