Development Progress Update June 18, 2018| Smart Contract| Web API | Block Explorer

The FAB Foundation provides technical updates related to the project every week.

Blockchain Security

The development team is implementing a protocol called “Finalization” which prevents attacks of the blockchain through 51% attack. It prevents bad actors from rewriting blocks.

We’ve also initiated a Remote Procedure Call “RPC-gettxouset” which returns all UTXOs.

Smart Contract

The RPC API initial draft has been completed for the smart contract. We’ve created capabilities for smart contract execution on the Foundation Chain mainnet and testnet.


Senior Developer Todor has created a standalone FAB Core network system copy system and is deploying test nodes on AWS and testing Kanban. He is in the process of scaling up to building and deploying thousands of test nodes and testing the performance of the Kanban network during the process in an automated deployment.


The team has implemented a multi-layered caching-strategy for the web API to faster query information and lower the amount of times the network is queried resulting in less requests sent to the network.

We have recently patched a bug that resulted in querying results that were not on the longest chain. Previously the bug was resulting in information being pulled from defunct caches.

This week we will introduce logging to the FAB API to document performance of the web API. This week will also conduct stress tests to alleviate users’ concerns on the web API.


The mobile wallet is undergoing user testing of the final Apple and Android systems. Functionality and UI updates have been made according to test user feedback.

Full-node wallet: The Mac OS full-node wallet update is available at

Block Explorer

A new version of our block explorer will be available this week. It will allow for targeted searches of blocks and transactions.


The front-end development team is making great progress. Currently the team is working on a series of user interface and user experience fixes. This week we will be implementing an announcement page for ease of tracking progress, events, and special announcements, and implementing a new version of our roadmap onto our home page. We are also making changes to our back end servers and database.

Global Ambassador Program

The FAB Global Ambassador Program is off to a great start. This week, the ambassador training for our first round of selected partners. At present, ambassadors have already began to promote their roles and the project.

Our ambassador applicants have varied backgrounds in culture, location and skills along with a strong knowledge of blockchain. Ambassadors will lead the charge in growing the community and educating others about FAB. We are in the process of developing the full range of resources available to our ambassadors.

We welcome everyone to apply to join the program:


The new Ubuntu version of the mining software CUDA, has been updated at and can be viewed at any time for download. Instructions for use: Ubuntu 16.04 Nvidia with CUDA.

There is no pre-mining period for the foundation chain network and it is directly open for public use and mining. During the first three months, the new currency generated by the mining will be locked for three months. During this period, it will not be transferred or traded. It will be automatically unlocked three months. The first wave of unlocking is expected to be in June (after listing).

The lock-in system is designed to protect the interests of investors and prevent a large number of sell-offs after the listing. The lockout system is temporary. The current block time is the same as Bitcoin. The Bitcoin maturity period is 100 blocks during that time while the FAB network speed is eight times that of Bitcoin, so it is 800 blocks for the allotted time. Any future coins will take less than one day to mature.

The Fabcoin and Doxygen documentation are available at The source code has also been published on the Github website. You can visit to view it. Interested programmers are welcome to participate in the development and testing work. We are open to improvements.



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