Development Progress Update May 23, 2018| Kanban | Smart Contract | Ambassador Program

The FAB Foundation provides technical updates related to the project every week.

Kanban Progress

The Kanban core architecture is currently in full development. The team is carrying out a series of tests and analysis of the network functions, search functions and more. The Kanban architecture will undergo high-intensity testing in the coming period.

For information about Kanban, read our Brochure or Whitepaper at


The newest version of the project website is complete. We will be launching it this week after waiting for the final testing verification and translation. as the new website domain name. The new website has completed its overall optimization with a better interface, new account features and more project information.

The second stage of the website improvement is expected to be launched in mid-June.

Smart Contract

Stage 1 of smart contract development has been completed. We are testing compatibility with the Ethereum smart contract to support the issuance of ERC20 tokens.

Light Wallet

The mobile light wallet release has been release has been delayed to extend the testing period. At FAB, our most important principle is safety; the additional testing is to help ensure the safety of the first version when it is officially released.

We will announce the light wallet release on all channels when applicable.

Web API Progress

FAB core developers Jonathan and Nader have been working on the Web API in preparation for application building. Focus of the 2nd stage of development is on improvement in stability.


Fabcoin has been issued to the majority of participants in the private sale and token generation event. If you have not yet received your fabcoin, please check to see whether the address you returned your ERC20 tokens from is the address from which you initially received your ERC20 tokens.

It is a requirement to return them from the same address. You can view the ETH address your received your ERC20 tokens to in your Account page at We cannot check and issue the fabcoin for other new addresses.

Note: If you have already received the fabcoin, please be sure to keep your private key and password and back it up. If you lose it, no one can retrieve it.

Community Development

The FAB Foundation team has formally established the Global Ambassador Program this week. At present, a series of development plans have been settled and will be implemented by the end of May.

The plan is expected to cover the activities of the next 100 days to provide strong support and guidance for improving community experience, enhancing community cohesion, and expanding recruitment of new community teams.

More information on how you will be able to participate will be released soon.

The Force

The first hard fork of the Foundation Chain is “The Force”. Since the design is a decentralized platform for global enterprise-level applications, in order to meet the needs of these applications the Force will introduce all features stated in the whitepaper.

The Force fork will inherit all the data on the original Foundation chain, but will add SCAR, KanBan and CCUA functions. Not only can we implement rapid transactions, but we can also implement cross-chain operation functions and have a basically complete application development framework.

At this time, a new coin will be released.

Developers who intend to use the FAB network for their applications can simultaneously participate in the development of the Force along with their application. We encourage developers to make their own contributions and to contact the team for more information. The convergence of wisdom and expertise will lead to success!



The new Ubuntu version of the mining software CUDA, has been updated at and can be viewed at any time for download. Instructions for use: Ubuntu 16.04 Nvidia with CUDA.


There is no pre-mining period for the foundation chain network and it is directly open for public use and mining. During the first three months, the new currency generated by the mining will be locked for three months. During this period, it will not be transferred or traded. It will be automatically unlocked three months. The first wave of unlocking is expected to be in June (after listing).

The lock-in system is designed to protect the interests of investors and prevent a large number of sell-offs after the listing. The lockout system is temporary. The current block time is the same as Bitcoin. The Bitcoin maturity period is 100 blocks during that time while the FAB network speed is eight times that of Bitcoin, so it is 800 blocks for the allotted time. Any future coins will take less than one day to mature.

The Fabcoin and Doxygen documentation are available at The source code has also been published on the Github website. You can visit to view it. Interested programmers are welcome to participate in the development and testing work. We are open to improvements.



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