Development Update August 22, 2018 | Mobile Wallet | Smart Contracts| Web API

The FAB Foundation provides technical updates related to the project every week.

Mobile Wallet

The IOS Mobile Wallet has undergone adjustments based on the community’s recommendations and has submitted the second version of the IOS app to the App Store.

This week, the wallet’s UI design is being improved for ease of use. Additionally, smart contract wallet functionality is being implemented for the Mobile Wallet.

Download the wallet for IOS and Android here:

Smart Contract

Functional testing was conducted this week to further refine the trading sequence of the smart contract.
The smart contract wallet build has been completed. The smart contract wallet is undergoing multi-signature and multi-currency testing for the functionality of Kanban features within the application.


Add a new prompt based on the Kanban Tangle original prompt model, implement the trading business policy, and perform the original transaction through the tip model. Create new functions to handle docking instances, newinstance, transaction lists, node lists, add nodes, join individual nodes to the log module and write to files, test and debug distributed networks. Next week, a distributed network simulator will be tested based on cross-chain network node requests. This component will create multiple parallel nodes based on different ports, and has a good internal test platform in any step.
Prompt for verification and prompt status management in a single node. Transaction verification in a distributed network and implementation of network status and prompt path validation. Consensus build ver1.0, change state implementation and test through consensus algorithm. Transaction balance updates are implemented based on the history of the cross-chain network and node neighborhoods and any transactions in the Tangle network. Test and debug the entire process with a local simulation test engine.


Shanghai Exchange Event

On September 1st (Saturday), 13:30–17:30, Shanghai will hold an offline exchange event at 1–2 Building, №1281, Zhongshan West Road, Changning District, Shanghai (near Wuzhong Road).

FAB will start focusing on training in the community this Saturday and will organize online sharing activities in major communities in China.

The first theme is Cryptocurrency Markets and Blockchain Technology Development Trends. Please see the official announcement on WeChat for more details.

FAB Ambassadors at the Blockchain Futurist Conference

FAB sent our Toronto based ambassadors to spread the word about the project. Read here for more details:

FAB Open House

Fast Access Blockchain will be hosting our very first open house on September 13, 2018. Come visit us to see the active work we are doing and discuss our project with us.

FAB Volunteers at Markham Food Bank

On Saturday, August 18th, FAB Chief Marketing Officer/ Chief Information Officer Liza Horowitz was joined by FAB’s Product Manager Eugene Cofie and one of FAB’s Ambassadors, Goksel Tural to take part in helping the Markham Food Bank for the day. The team stocked shelves, unpacked food items and lifted boxes to help support the cause. Read here for more details:

“The Force”, Phase 1

“The Force” is a planned hard fork of the Foundation Chain of the Fast Access Blockchain. We are currently ahead of the development schedule.

“The Force” will be implemented in two phases with the first phase coming at the end of August/beginning of September 2018. Several features will be deployed to meet user and market needs, prepare the network for listing on our new exchanges with increased volume such as OKEx, and provide better security features against 51% attacks.

All the design elements of the white paper will be introduced during the second phase in October 2018.

For more details, read our full outline here:


The new Ubuntu version of the mining software CUDA, has been updated at and can be viewed at any time for download. Instructions for use: Ubuntu 16.04 Nvidia with CUDA.

There is no pre-mining period for the foundation chain network and it is directly open for public use and mining. During the first three months, the new currency generated by the mining will be locked for three months. During this period, it will not be transferred or traded. It will be automatically unlocked three months. The first wave of unlocking is expected to be in June (after listing).

The lock-in system is designed to protect the interests of investors and prevent a large number of sell-offs after the listing. The lockout system is temporary. The current block time is the same as Bitcoin. The Bitcoin maturity period is 100 blocks during that time while the FAB network speed is eight times that of Bitcoin, so it is 800 blocks for the allotted time. Any future coins will take less than one day to mature.

The Fabcoin and Doxygen documentation are available at The source code has also been published on the Github website. You can visit to view it. Interested programmers are welcome to participate in the development and testing work. We are open to improvements.



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