Development Update September 18, 2018 | FAB Asia Roadshow | Kanban

The FAB Foundation provides technical updates related to the project every week.

Smart Contract

This past week have improved the smart contracts and introduced newfeature updates. We have added new Equihash parameters for CUDA, Open CL and more. This week we will run a full-node smart contract wallet test, as well as test the effectiveness of Equihash verification.


Kanban Grouping and Consensus

We have added more test nodes; extended network latency; improved distributed file systems; implemented multi- sigs to the Kanban code.

Kanban Tangle Implementation

This week we have worked on the following tasks:

  • Signature and verification based on Kanban new key/public key request, validated in a single node, and published as a final hexadecimal value to other nodes.
  • Consensus improvements based on decentralized prompts and transactions
  • Sending requests and graphics buffers changes network growth data based on data encryption and decryption.
  • We will track the probability percentage of a request in the Kanban tangle network based on the local consistency algorithm.

This week we will:

  • design a large overview of the Kanban Tangle Version and integrate it into Fabcoin Core.
  • Try a dual expenditure strategy implementation which challenges some of the simulated attacks on the Kanban network and tests the consistency, validity, and accuracy of the Kanban Tangle version algorithm.
  • Perform double-spending tests to see if they have some impact on the network. This includes prompting for state management in a single node and network, and reviewing handle paths and states in any single node and comparing them to distributed networks.
  • Implement Kanban local business rule for developing and publishing changestate and balancerefresh methods in a single node. There are decentralized methods for implementing Kanban network business rules.

Community Activity

CMO/CIO Liza Horowitz Interview with Ledger.Today

The Ledger Today 1Q&A is a regular showcasing professionals from all walks of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

FAB’s Liza Horowitz, Chief Information Officer, had her take on the show. You can get in touch with her personally through LinkedIn,

Blockchain for Real People — Join the Crypto Craze

On September 11, 2018 FAB, in connection with TechConnex, hosted “Blockchain For Real People”, an event and tutorial on how blockchain is changing everyday life and how the business community can get involved.

The event, on the IBM campus in Markham, Ontario, brought tech industry executives together to learn about their role in the technology.

FAB Asia First Stop — Shenzhen

In order to integrate global technology, capital, community resources, and create “win-wins” Canada’s Fast Access Blockchain and the US- based decentralized exchangr, eXchangily, will embark on a joint roadshow in Asia going through Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen , Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hefei, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Seoul, and Tokyo.

The itinerary is from September 16th to early October 2018. FAB will be involved in conferences, academic exchanges, technical seminars, project docking, and more.
The first stop in Shenzhen is scheduled to be at 6:00 pm on September 18th at the Century Royal Hotel (Jizhen Road, Buji Street, Shenzhen, Dixuan Xuanjiao Seafood Restaurant, 2nd floor Swedish private room).

FAB Asia Roadshow

September 19-September 21 — Hefei (Anhui)
September 21st — September 23rd — Shanghai
September 24th — September 26th — Beijing
September 27-September 29 — Japan

For more information on the itinerary, please contact



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