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#31 Live Your 10X Life, Chat With Faisal Shah

Faisal is a Tech professional, Coach and Mentor that champions underdogs. He walked away from a high-paying super secure job to go and start from scratch, in the middle of a global pandemic. Faisal did everything he was told to do: go to university, get a great job, buy a house and he lived an amazing life, yet something was missing. He thought he was doing great, ahead of the curve, it was an illusion. He found himself stuck in mediocrity. He compared himself to those around him when he should have been comparing himself with himself. Eventually, he found what was missing.




Fast Track Publication is all about helping you get the most insightful tips and advice that you don’t learn from school. We cover topics of entrepreneurship, personal finance, career development, and more, helping you launch your life on the fast track.

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