Lesson for Creatives: If you can’t be Zuck, be Saverin or Moskovitz.

Note: This was originally posted as a comment on a Facebook thread by yours truly. You can check it out here.

For every successful creative individual, there are 10 who are as smart and creative and unsuccessful. What gives?

The strength of a Creative lies in our ability to imagine and bring things to life “as e dey hot”. The creative’s vice is the inability to focus and keep at it when it is not hot.

The easiest way out here imho is to partner up. Partner with someone already building a big dream and make his/her job easier. I guess you are the Zuck here, but be the Saverin or Moskovitz if you can’t be the Zuck. You will arrive at the same answer: billionaire. Choose the right operator working on the right idea and outsource your weakness to others. Of course it could also be your own idea as well.

Partners can be difficult but hang in there as long as you guys are moving forward — make sure your value is felt always and remember half of the faults will be yours or caused by you.

As time passes by, you will get better in your weak areas and might just be able to hold out on your own on your next corporation after that (if you chose).

Lastly, as a creative , you have a choice to choose your partners, choose them, don’t let them choose you.

P.S. I have not shared any clues on how to get the right idea. I guess I don’t know, but what I know is even if you miss working on a good idea, bad ideas can iterate to good ideas if you break things fast enough.

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