Why Kotlin

Photo by Pen Tsai on Unsplash
The beauty of Kotlin

1. Security

Null safety

Null safety — compile exception
Null safe access

Emphasis on Immutability

val vs var keyword

Reassignment to a value: not possible

2. Speed of Innovation

Asynchronous execution
Smart Casts

3. Integrations

Integration with Java

  • Within IntelliJ, you can choose to convert one Java class after the other (doesn’t work too well, although)
  • The only requirement to have Kotlin ready is a 1.8 JVM
  • Integration with Maven is seamless, if you prefer it over Gradle

Integration with JavaScript

  • Kotlin could be used to define objects which are created and consumed both in the browser and on the backend.
  • Kotlin can make use of the ts2kt TypeScript-> Kotlin converter to create Kotlin artifacts out of Typescript definitions.

Native Integration

Wait, you said “no downside to java”, this sounds like a sales pitch

Source: https://thedailysales.net/the-10-best-sales-memes-ever/




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